Launch of the project 1 million trees for Makay

In charge of the management of the New Makay Protected Area, Naturevolution launched this year the project “1 million trees for the Makay” to strengthen the protection of the forests of the massif and improve the living conditions of the local communities. By 2019, no less than 5 forest nurseries will have been created, housing almost 100,000 future trees!

Moringa border
Moringa border in the nursery of Tsiazoarambo.

The project in 2 words

Village nurseries will replenish forests near villages for the direct benefit of local communities. They are designed to:

  • Reduce harvesting from the forests of the massif;
  • improving the living conditions of local communities;
  • finally, restoring degraded areas between villages and the protected area.

Reforestation will include fruit trees, wood for firewood and construction, and honey and medicinal plants. We’re targeting about a million trees in 3 years ! Find the details of the project on page 1 million trees for Makay.

Natural fences for forest nurseries in Madagascar
Construction of all-natural fencing to protect forest nurseries from zebus.

First forest nursery

Spring 2019 – The first activities of the project are launched during an eco-volunteer mission to North Makay. Stéphanie, the project manager, Antoine, trainee at an engineering school in agronomy, and the villagers of Sakoazato and Tsiazorambo created the first two forest nurseries of Makay. 2 nursery chiefs assisted by 4 nurserymen are recruited to carry out the daily maintenance tasks. 7700 first seeds are sown.

In August, forest nurseries have been enlarged and school gardens have doubled the area of the sites (PEPIPOTA for intimates). Durant cette mission, pas moins de 6288 graines de Ravintsara, 646 d’Arakaraka, 1120 Ramy et 600 Moringa seront plantés à Sakoazato. More than 14,200 seeds are sown in Tsiazorambo.

The forest nursery of Sakoazato

Planting the first trees

September is marked by the planting of the first trees. The Moringa have grown well, it’s time to test our planter! Unlike many reforestation projects, Naturevolution has made a commitment not to use plastic pots. The seeds are sown directly into flower beds, then the young plants are removed using a planter to be placed in the ground.

The planter for reforestation without plastic
The planter we designed to avoid using plastic pots or bags

Important discussions continue with villagers to maintain the same vision for the project. Plots are delimited to replant future trees. Many villagers come to collect trees to plant around their huts or on their own land.

More than 5000 seeds are sown again.

Sowing in tree nurseries in Madagascar
Villagers and eco-volunteers planting in Makay nurseries

Inauguration of the new school in Tsiazorambo

On 24 September 2019, the new Tsiazorambo school is inaugurated with local, regional and national authorities. This is an opportunity to present the reforestation project to them. TVM (TeleVisiona Malagasy), the national channel is also present and produces a report on our approach. The representative of the Ministry of the Environment was impressed by the quality of the project.

Launch of the project in South Makay

The month of September is also an opportunity to present the project in South Makay, to Beroroha, Beronono and Tsivoko. The villagers are particularly interested in the prospects of fruit trees and want to start nurseries with us as soon as possible!

This was done a few weeks later in two villages in South Makay. A forest nursery of 1440m2 in Tsivoko and 1800m2 in Beronono emerge from the ground. 6 new villagers are employed for daily tasks (sowing, watering. . . ).

Clearing land to create the Makay forest nurseries
Villagers and eco-volunteers gathered for clearing prior to the creation of new Makay nurseries

Results at the end of 2019

In November, northern Makay nurseries have reached more than 25,000 seeds of 10 species planted since the project’s inception. The first 300 Moringa have already been replanted, and the plantations will continue during the end of the year and the beginning of 2020. Forest nurseries in South Makay will be seeded in December.

List of tree species planted under the reforestation project and their use
List of tree species planted under the reforestation project and their use

Beyond the issues specific to Makay, the Village Forests project is part of a response to the appeal of President Andry Rajoelina and the Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development. On June 26, 2020, the 60th anniversary of Madagascar’s independence, Naturevolution will participate in the national mobilization to plant more than 60 million trees in Madagascar.

Meanwhile, in France, we are working with our partners to set up a monitoring platform for reforestation activities, combining field data and satellite images. Case to follow…

Nurseries in the Makay massif in Madagascar
The first plants grow in the shade in nurseries

Further information

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