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June 2021 – [Appeal for donations] For a marine reserve dedicated to giant clams in Indonesia

March 2021 – [Event] This weekend, let’s march for a Real Climate Law

Jan. 2021 – [Plaidoyer] One million citizens ask for a strong law for forests

Dec. 2020 – [Lettre d’info] Makay children at school!

Dec. 2020 – [Appeal for donations] Food security in the Makay region

Oct. 2020 – [Event] D-7 ⌛/ Opening of the exhibition “Makay, a refuge on Madagascan land”, an immersion in the heart of one of the last virgin lands on the planet

Oct. 2020 – [Plaidoyer] Strong legislation to protect forests

Sept. 2020 – [Event] Our new film broadcast on Arte

July. 2020 – [Plaidoyer] Casino, (eco)responsible for deforestation

June-July 2020 – [Appeal for donations] Emergency food aid for the Makay region

June 2020 – [Lettre d’info] The call of the forests

Jan.-March 2020 – [Plaidoyer] Municipal elections

Dec. 2019 – [Lettre d’info] Are you looking to do well? Become an eco-volunteer!

Dec. 2019 – [Appeal for donations] End of year

Nov. 2019 – [Lettre d’info] There’s a lot going on around the Makay!

Nov. 2019 – [Lettre d’info] Deforestation and reforestation: a clearer picture

Sept. 2019 – [Lettre d’info] Waste project in Indonesia: Call for vote

Jan. 2019 – [Lettre d’info] 2019 : Action!

Dec. 2018 – [Lettre d’info] Come into the field in 2019! (ecovolunteer missions 2019)

Sept. 2018 – [Lettre d’info] Last dive in the Scoresby

July. 2018 – [Event] Save lost worlds

June 2018 – [Lettre d’info] This year, Naturevolution is taking to the water!

June 2018 – [Lettre d’info] Makay Honey Project: news from the field

Feb. 2018 – [Lettre d’info] In February, plan your solidarity holidays

Dec. 2017 – [Lettre d’info] In November, you’ll be spreading your messages

Oct. 2017 – [Lettre d’info] This autumn, the glaciers will be singing

June 2017 – [Event] Press release 2017 Makay expedition

Feb. 2017 – [Lettre d’info] 2017 is off to a great start!

June to Oct. 2016 – [Event] 2016 Scoresby Mission

June 2016 – [Lettre d’info] Neswletter

  • December 2012 – Christmas gifts
  • October 2012 – Festivals and new project manager
  • July 2012 – Naturevolution creates links
  • June 2012 – Supprt Naturevolution in its action
  • April 2012 – Events, communication and partnerships
  • December 2011 – The Makay Nature project communicates
  • May 2011 – After the expeditions, it’s time for conservation and education
  • April 2011 – Nostalgic for the Makay? The adventure continues!
  • February 2011 – The 2010-2011 series of expeditions is coming to an end
  • January 2011 – The second mission of the Makay Nature expedition is in progress
  • August 2010 – More and more support
  • July 2010 – Part of the planned expedition is already assured
  • June 2010 – The Makay Nature project’s new mission takes shape
  • May 2010 – The Makay Nature adventure continues!