Conservation & Development

In order to address the full range of threats to both natural habitats and surrounding populations, Naturevolution is deploying a range of complementary and interacting initiatives:

  • > Some of these initiatives are aimed directly at preserving healthy natural environments and restoring degraded ones. These activities of sensitization, reforestation, collection and recycling of waste, creation of protected areas, ecological monitoring and scientific research make up the environmental part of our approach.
  • > Others, of a social nature, are aimed at improving local living conditions and in particular to guarantee food sovereignty so that they are no longer forced to take resources from the forests in order to meet their needs (agro-ecology, construction of schools, dispensaries, wells, community granaries, establishment of school canteens, etc.).
  • > Finally, the last ones, of an economic nature, aim to develop sustainable income-generating activities based on a mutually beneficial relationship with the environment in order to allow communities to live better while respecting nature (beekeeping, ecotourism, fruit valorization, etc.).

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Pour la sauvegarde des Bénitiers Géants et des récifs exceptionnels de Sulawesi