What do we do?

Our mission: to preserve the last Lost Worlds, remote natural environments that are among the richest on the planet, before they disappear.


Science and exploration

Since its inception in 2009, Naturevolution has been conducting scientific exploration missions to protect some of the world’s last pristine lands. These missions are an opportunity to explore a geographically isolated and difficult to access territory, to improve scientific knowledge, and to collect scientific and visual arguments necessary for its protection. Scientists from all disciplines join in order to bring back the most complete inventory possible of the local biodiversity.


Awareness raising activities

We want to raise awareness of the fragility of these remote areas and the need to protect them without delay. To do this, we make films and videos, share illustrations and photos brought back from our expeditions, and set up exhibitions on the environments in which we work; we intervene in schools and at events for the general public; finally, we join advocacy campaigns to reduce the impact that our societies have on nature.


Conservation and development

To address the various threats to biodiversity in the unique sites where we operate, and to ensure that local communities are active in their protection while deriving concrete and substantial benefits, we conduct and support projects that jointly address environmental, social and economic issues.