Du Riz pour le Makay : Étude de faisabilité d’un Système de Riziculture Intensive (SRI)

Riziculture traditionnelle en bordure du Makay ©Hélène Fabre/Naturevolution

La création de rizières écoles est une composante importante du projet Graines de Changement. Pour initier ce volet, Naturevolution s’est associée à l’association Tefy Saina pour effectuer une étude de faisabilité dans l’objectif d’étudier la possibilité de mettre en place un Système de Riziculture Intensive (SRI) dans les villages du pourtour du Makay.

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Reforestation: first plantings in 2021

Madagascar has experienced over the past 60 years a significant fragmentation and disappearance of its forests, with a decrease of nearly […]

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The Makay comes to the Musée des Confluences


The exhibition "Makay, a refuge in Malagasy land" opens on October 16, 2020 at the Musée des Confluence in Lyon. It will honor the biological and archaeological treasures of Makay until August 2021.

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Covid-19: increased threats on the Makay

The COVID-19 epidemic continues to spread in Madagascar and Makay is not without suffering the impacts. Both communities and ecosystems of Makay are affected. Naturevolution has taken steps to cope, including through the COVID emergency fund for Makay.

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Madagascar facing the COVID-19 epidemic

Madagascar is also affected by the COVID-19 epidemic, which risks triggering a major crisis. Tourism has come to a standstill and protected natural areas are facing increased threats, especially in the region where Makay is located.

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Launch of the 1 million trees project for the Makay

Nurseries for reforestation in the Makay in Madagascar

Naturevolution launching an ambitious reforestation project around the villages of Makay. 2019 will therefore saw the establishment of five nurseries, planting nearly 100,000 seeds - without use of plastic pots! - and replanting first few hundred trees.

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(6/6) Why protect forests Makay?

Makay Massif forest in Madagascar

Why protect forests? If the choice is between a destructive tradition but works in the short term, and a conservation strategy that is not in the habits and that requires a change lifestyles, it's good to take stock of the real issues of forest protection - Makay those of Madagascar, of course!

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(5/6) Deforestation in Madagascar and the massive Makay

Canyon massif Makay deforested by fire.

Deforestation in Madagascar is among the fastest in the world. Yet it rarely makes headlines in the news. On our field of action in the Makay massif, numerous bush fires are started by local people. What are the reasons that lead to trigger fires?

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(4/6) How to act against deforestation

Meat, driver of deforestation

What can we actually do to make a positive impact, significant and rapid deforestation in the world? Let it without taboo, in order of importance.

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(3/6) Reforestation: Opportunities and Limitations

Nursery in Madagascar

Reforest the earth to save the climate and the human race. Is it a utopia? Faced with climate change, soil erosion, desertification and deforestation, governments are stepping up to reforestation campaigns, each more ambitious than the next. But does it work? And if we want to recreate primaire primary forest ’, how do you go about it?

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