Makay – Madagascar

Since 2009, we have been working on the preservation of the Makay massif on the island of Madagascar.

Massif du Makay à Madagascar

The Makay massif

The Makay is a massif of 4.000 km2 in the southwest of Madagascar. Consisting of a labyrinth of forest canyons, it shelters a real treasure in terms of biodiversity and rock paintings.

Lémurien Propithèque de Verreaux dans le massif du Makay

The biodiversity of Makay

Madagascar, isolated from the continents for millions of years, has given birth to a fabulous fauna and flora. The Makay is today one of the largest sanctuaries of this incredible biodiversity threatened with extinction.

Feux de brousse à Madagascar

The threats

Long preserved from humans, the Makay is now facing strong anthropic pressure. Food insecurity is the main threat to the Makay forests.

Our projects to protect the Makay

In order to address the threats to the mountain ecosystems, we are deploying an ecosystem of complementary initiatives including the development of sustainable economic alternatives (beekeeping, ecotourism), theimprovement of living conditions (access to water, food, education, healthcare and energy), and the protection of natural environments (forest guards, reforestation, awareness, scientific research).

Reforesting around the New Makay Protected Area


Education is the key to local development and protecting the Makay


Tools and environmental trainers to protect the Makay

Ecoguards to monitor the Makay protected area

Supporting the protection of the Makay

Our local partner

The Malagasy association Naturevolution Makay is the local partner of Naturevolution for the preservation of the Makay. It was created in 2021 following internal problems within Naturevolution Madagascar, the former partner of Naturevolution. It is composed of volunteer administrative members (the bureau) and about 100 paid executive members (technical positions).

Makay 2011 Expedition, Inventory of the biodiversity of the South Makay

The expeditions

We have led four major expeditions in the Makay massif to inventory its biodiversity and bring back the promotion images necessary for its development and protection.

Makay 2017 – Madagascar
7 years after the first scientific expeditions, scientists return to the Makay
Presentation of the expeditionLogbook

Book and films on the Makay

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