Our mission is to preserve the last Lost Worlds – natural environments that are both remote and among the most biodiverse on the planet, yet at risk of disappearing – and to support the community that depend on them.

Nos approches et terrains d’action

Science & Exploration

We organize exploration and scientific research missions because we protect what we know.

Conservation & Development

We create protected areas and develop economic and social development programs with local communities.

Forest in the Makay massif

The Makay Massif


Les fjords du Scoresby Sund au Groenland

The Scoresby Sund


Our actions in France

Sharing and awareness

We share with as many people as possible the beauties of nature, the fascinating discoveries of our expeditions as well as some keys to a better world.

Who we are

Depuis 2010, nous œuvrons pour protéger ces mondes perdus.
Découvrez notre association, notre raison d’être et nos soutiens grâce à qui tout cela est possible.

How you can help

There are a multitude of ways to help us and participate in the preservation of our planet. We offer some of them below and to discover all our options, go to here.

Our latest news

Des écoles pour les enfants du Makay

Fin 2019, nous avons achevé la construction de deux nouvelles écoles dans les villages du Nord Makay, qui vont grandement contribuer à améliorer la scolarisation des enfants du Makay. Petit...

A million Europeans call for a strong forest law

Via the # Together4Forests campaign, more than a million Europeans responded to the European consultation to stop deforestation caused by Europeans in the world.

COVID emergency fund: time to take stock

Our call for solidarity to face the consequences of the COVID-19 epidemic on the communities and forests of Makay brought together € 22,506. Feedback on the distribution of ...