Our mission is to preserve the last Lost Worlds – natural environments that are both remote and among the most biodiverse on the planet, yet at risk of disappearing – and to support the community that depend on them.

Our approaches and fields of action

Science & Exploration

We organize exploration and scientific research missions because we protect what we know.

Conservation & Development

We create protected areas and develop economic and social development programs with local communities.

Forest in the Makay massif

The Makay Massif


Les fjords du Scoresby Sund au Groenland

The Scoresby Sund


Our actions in France

Sharing and awareness

We share with as many people as possible the beauties of nature, the fascinating discoveries of our expeditions as well as some keys to a better world.

Who we are

Since 2010, we have been working to protect these lost worlds.
Discover our association, our raison d'être and our support, thanks to which all this is possible.

How you can help

There are a multitude of ways to help us and participate in the preservation of our planet. We offer some of them below and to discover all our options, go to here.

Our latest news

Du Riz pour le Makay : Étude de faisabilité d’un Système de Riziculture Intensive (SRI)

La création de rizières écoles est une composante importante du projet Graines de Changement. Pour initier ce volet, Naturevolution s’est associée à l’association Tefy Saina pour effectuer une étude de...

Workshop on crown-of-thorns starfish management in Kendari

As part of our coral reef protection project in Sulawesi, we organized a training workshop in Kendari on the management of acanthaster infestations.

Impacts and solutions to our electronic addiction

The “dematerialization” of the economy is an illusion: digital technology has never been so dependent on raw materials. The pollution and the waste generated are astronomical. Let's go through ...