Some vastly unexplored areas - the Lost Worlds - are today the last shelters for wildlife and plant species elsewhere extinct or threatened. Yet, these biodiversity strongholds are now in turn increasingly threatened by the dramatic reduction in natural habitats all over the planet.

Protecting the last Lost Worlds is an emergency : it's our mission.


Go on eco-volunteering in Indonesia and Madagascar with NaturevolutionIn 2019, be ecovolunteer!
If you wish to contribute to the preservation of biodiversity, live a moment out of time, make unforgettable meetings, observe wonderful animals and you spend exploring one of the most beautiful places on the planet, our missions are for you!

Join us on an ecovolunteer experience Madagascar, just wet the shirt on a Adventure trek in the stunning Makay massif, or enroll as ecovolunteer in Indonesia in a stunning coastal setting : our new action field !

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Dissemination of "Madagascar, in the heart of the massive Makay" on Ushuaia TV in September 2019

Future releases of the film Makay

If you missed our movie "Madagascar, in the heart of the massive Makay" it is back on TV! It will be broadcast on TV Ushuaia 4 times throughout the month of September. We give you the dates and times, and for the occasion, a flashback "2 years later" on shipping and advanced Makay project.

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Makay Massif forest in Madagascar

(6/6) Why protect forests Makay?

Pourquoi protéger les forêts ? Si il faut choisir entre une tradition destructrice mais qui fonctionne à court terme, et une stratégie de conservation qui n’est pas dans les habitudes et qui demande de changer un peu les modes de vie, il est bon de faire un point sur les réels enjeux de la protection des forêts – celles du Makay à Madagascar, bien sur!

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Canyon massif Makay deforested by fire.

(5/6) Deforestation in Madagascar and the massive Makay

La déforestation à Madagascar y est parmi les plus rapides dans le monde. Elle fait pourtant rarement les gros titres de l’actualité. Sur notre terrain d’action, dans le massif du Makay, de nombreux feux de brousse sont déclenchés par les populations locales. Quelles sont les raisons qui les poussent à déclencher des feux ?

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