Some vastly unexplored areas - the Lost Worlds - are today the last shelters for wildlife and plant species elsewhere extinct or threatened. Yet, these biodiversity strongholds are now in turn increasingly threatened by the dramatic reduction in natural habitats all over the planet.

Protecting the last Lost Worlds is an emergency : it's our mission.


Go ecovolunteer as Indonesia and MadagascarIn 2020, join us!
If you wish to contribute to the preservation of biodiversity, live a moment out of time, make unforgettable meetings, observe wonderful animals and you spend exploring the most beautiful places on the planet, come on the field!

Join a ecovolunteer Mission in MadagascarIn explo way to observe wildlife Makay or support our projects in communities. And if you're more of the aquatic kind, get involved as ecovolunteer in Indonesia on our new field of action!

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Latest News

A ecovolunteer sponsoring a child of the Makay

Camille Delaplace was ecovolunteer on a monitoring mission lemurs in the Makay in spring 2019. In the beginning of the mission, when a few days in the village, she was invited to a magical moment ... a birth.

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Bateau indonésien utilisé sur l'une de nos missions écovolontaires

Missions ecovolunteers: the new 2020!

We just put online the schedule of our mission ecovolunteers 2020 Madagascar and Indonesia! Following the phenomenal expansion of our Malagasy team and strengthening our partnerships in Indonesia, our mission ecovolunteers evolve accordingly. Ready for 2020?

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Stephanie Razafimanonjy, project manager Reforestation

A young malagasy woman sows the seeds of change in the Makay

Stephanie, a young woman of Malagasy highlands, is our Chief Reforestation project. Working tirelessly, she has the art to be respected despite his frail figure in a field usually reserved to men, that management and agricultural work. At first light, it can be found in contemplating seedlings under shade structures.

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