Some vastly unexplored areas - the Lost Worlds - are today the last shelters for wildlife and plant species elsewhere extinct or threatened. Yet, these biodiversity strongholds are now in turn increasingly threatened by the dramatic reduction in natural habitats all over the planet.

Protecting the last Lost Worlds is an emergency : it's our mission.


Go on eco-volunteering in Indonesia and Madagascar with NaturevolutionIn 2019, be ecovolunteer!
If you wish to contribute to the preservation of biodiversity, live a moment out of time, make unforgettable meetings, observe wonderful animals and you spend exploring one of the most beautiful places on the planet, our missions are for you!

Join us on an ecovolunteer experience Madagascar, just wet the shirt on a Adventure trek in the stunning Makay massif, or enroll as ecovolunteer in Indonesia in a stunning coastal setting : our new action field !

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Latest News

Transvasement d'une ruche traditionnelle dans une ruche moderne

Beekeeping: the project exceeds 50 hives!

After their training, the Makay pioneers beekeepers began installing the first hives while collecting around them interested villagers. Eighteen months after the project started, more than 50 beehives were installed on 7 different sites, and the project now involves 29 beekeepers. A good start!

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🎬 2019 : Action !

L’occasion pour moi de vous souhaiter également une merveilleuse nouvelle année. Une année irrémédiablement placée sous le signe de la mobilisation, de l’engagement et de l’action. Parce que nous n’avons plus d’autres choix, mais aussi parce qu’agir rend heureux !

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Madagascar, land shipping Makay broadcast on Arte

The Makay massif showcased on Arte TV

In the summer of 2017, led Naturevolution a new scientific expedition to the heart of the Massif du Makay. Filmed during shipping, the film "Madagascar, land expedition Makay" will be broadcast on Arte on 18 January.

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