Some vastly unexplored areas - the Lost Worlds - are today the last shelters for wildlife and plant species elsewhere extinct or threatened. Yet, these biodiversity strongholds are now in turn increasingly threatened by the dramatic reduction in natural habitats all over the planet.

Protecting the last Lost Worlds is an emergency : it's our mission.


Ecovolunteer missions in Indonesia and MadagascarIn 2020, join us!
If you wish to contribute to the preservation of biodiversity, live a moment out of time, make unforgettable meetings, observe wonderful animals and you spend exploring the most beautiful places on the planet, come on the field!

Join us asecovolunteer in Madagascar, exploring the Makay to discover its wildlife or helping on our projects with local communities. And if you have more of an aquatic profile, check out our missions in Indonesia😉

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Latest News

Ask the European Commission to protect forests!

La commission européenne a lancé une consultation publique pour stopper la déforestation causée dans le monde par les européens. Demandez une loi forte pour protéger les forêts et la nature partout dans le monde !

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Covid-19: increased threats on the Makay

L’épidémie de COVID-19 continue de s’étendre à Madagascar et le Makay n’est pas sans en subir les impacts. Tant les communautés que les écosystèmes du Makay sont impactés. Naturevolution a pris des mesures pour faire face, notamment via le fonds d’urgence COVID pour le Makay.

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Madagascar facing the COVID-19 epidemic

Madagascar is also affected by the COVID-19 epidemic, which risks triggering a major crisis. Tourism has come to a standstill and protected natural areas are facing increased threats, especially in the region where Makay is located.

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