Where do we act?

Naturevolution focuses its efforts on the protection of natural environments that are difficult to access, extremely rich in biodiversity, and threatened: the last Lost Worlds of the planet.



The Makay in Madagascar

Located in the southwest of Madagascar, the Makay Massif is a gigantic labyrinth of canyons isolated from the world and the first terrain on which we engaged. We have conducted four major scientific expeditions and obtained its classification as a Protected Area. Today we support a holistic conservation and local development program led by the association Naturevolution Madagascar.


Sulawesi – Indonesia

Matarape Bay, Sulawesi, Indonesia

The karst complexes of Sulawesi Tenggara on the island of Sulawesi is the second field of action on which Naturevolution is engaged. The terrestrial mountain ranges are home to Sulawesi’s last great wilderness, while the archipelagos of Labengki & Sombori are home to the rich coral reefs of the Coral Triangle. We are now developing the first conservation projects with a network of local partners.



The fjords of Scoresby Sund in Greenland

Scoresby Sund is the largest fjord system in the world. Majestic glaciers coming from an ice cap at more than 2000m altitude flow into sublime fjords and calve numerous icebergs, a few steps away from vast expanses of tundra sheltering migratory birds and musk oxen. This territory where warming is three to four times faster than elsewhere is ideal for studying the consequences of the climate crisis. Naturevolution led a transdisciplinary scientific expedition there in 2016.


And in Europe

Naturevolution's actions in France

Naturevolution is deploying a program in France to enhance the value of our action sites, combined with a range of actions to raise awareness about nature protection. Whether they are intended for the general public, schools or companies, we use the whole range of available media: films, videos, exhibitions, festivals, radio interventions, books and educational activities. We also join advocacy efforts for broad societal change.