Our team

Naturevolution France

In France, Naturevolution is made up of just a few people, a team deliberately kept small to limit operating costs and entirely devoted to developing the association’s international projects. Our main mission is to support the projects suggested and carried out by our teams in Madagascar and Indonesia, firstly by finding the financial and human resources needed to deploy them in the field, then by coordinating their administrative and accounting management, and finally by monitoring them. On a day-to-day basis, we also handle communications, press relations and relations with our partners, as well as the development of a range of initiatives to raise awareness among schoolchildren and the general public of today’s major ecological challenges, and in particular the issue of the collapse of biodiversity.

Evrard WENDENBAUM – Founder and global coordinator

Olivier ARGOUD – VSI in Madagascar in charge of the beekeeping project

Cécile ASTIER – Partnership Manager

Gaëtan DELTOUR – Partnerships and Science Manager

Mélanie LEPENANT – VSI in Indonesia in charge of development support

Marie WENDENBAUM – Educational Manager ad Public Relations

Hugo MARINX – M2 intern in ecology

Laura ALARCON – Communications Officer

Julie RIVES – M2 intern in ecology

Our Board of Directors

  • Evrard Wendenbaum – Chairman
  • Célia Gobeaut – Secretary
  • Malika Hanotte – Vice-secretary
  • Antoine You – Treasurer
  • Jean Caroline – Administrator
  • Jérôme Botta – Administrator
  • Philippe Mistral – Administrator
  • Martine Noally – Administrator
  • Roland Wendenbaum – Administrator and Accountant

Volunteers and members

Would you like to share your skills, give a little (or a lot) of your time, get involved in our actions, share your good mood or your boundless energy? Join us: contact@naturevolution.org

Group of volunteers and members of Naturevolution in France

Naturevolution Makay

Naturevolution Makay’s team, our malagasy branch, works in close collaboration with theFrench team to specificallyprotect the Makay Massif in Madagascar and support the communities that depend on it. At present (2023), the association has a 100% Malagasy team of almost 100 permanent field staff, 9/10ths of whom are Makay inhabitants. It supports a range of initiatives in the field in full collaboration with the local population and all stakeholders (local authorities, tourism professionals, ministries, etc.).

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You can come and meet us at our regional offices in Malaimbandy and Beroroha, at the gateway to the Makay. You can also contact our local team directly by email(makay@naturevolution.org), facebook or Instagram.

Naturevolution Indonesia

Created in November 2019, the Naturevolution Indonesia association saw its development delayed by the COVID 19 epidemic and was only able to take off in 2021. It works in close collaboration with theFrench team to ensure the protection of the coastal and terrestrial karst ecosystems of Sulawesi Tenggara province, with the support of the surrounding communities and all stakeholders(local authorities, villagers, fishermen, tourism professionals, ministries, scientific institutions, etc.). The association is currently made up of 8 – almost exclusively – Indonesian members, and is set to grow rapidly over the coming months.

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You can contact our Indonesian team directly by email(sultra@naturevolution.org).