Makay children at school

Education is the key to local development and protecting the Makay

Project :

Makay children at school

The aim of the “Makay children at school” project is to provide quality, inclusive and equitable education to give the people of the Makay the tools they need to improve their lives and achieve sustainable development. To this objective, schools will be built and equipped and teachers will be recruited and paid.

An emergency context

The island of Madagascar is exceptionally rich in biological diversity. Unfortunately, the vast majority of its forest cover has disappeared, and today this unique biodiversity can only be found in rare, preserved environments such as the Makay, a spectacular massif of ruiniform sandstone that has become a veritable treasure chest for nature.

Unfortunately, in a very precarious situation, the surrounding populations are increasingly putting pressure on the ecosystems and the Makay is seeing its forest cover decrease drastically. The isolated villages on the edge of the massif are in a state of total destitution, even when it comes to education. Schools are dilapidated or non-existent. Teachers are poorly paid and, forced to work their rice fields to support themselves, many abandon their posts.

In this context, parents are very distrustful and prefer to mobilise their children in the fields rather than send them to school. Illiteracy then reaches new heights, damaging their prospects of escaping from poverty for good.

It’s also worth noting that children’s schooling is still the number one complaint of the local authorities.

Quality education

“Offer inclusive and equitable quality education to eradicate poverty and prevent insecurity”

Our objectives

  • Provide an effective learning environment that is safe, free from violence and accessible to all
  • Provide equal opportunities
  • Promote sustainable development
  • Offer opportunities for the future in order to eradicate poverty and combat insecurity
  • Ending gender inequality in education
  • Fight against illiteracy
  • Encourage the education of all children of school age
  • Ensuring continuity in education
  • Increase the number of qualified and paid teachers
Education_Dessin construction

Our method

Quality education requires a decent learning environment. So, over the next 10 years, we want to renovate the existing schools (around thirty) and build new buildings in the villages that need them (around twenty). Between 2015 and 2019, we have already built three schools and renovated a fourth. The construction work will be carried out by the local community, under the supervision of a project manager who is an expert in ecological construction.

To provide the best teaching conditions, we were also able to equip these 4 schools with tables, benches, blackboards and all the necessary supplies (notebooks, slates, textbooks, pens, chalk, rulers, protractors, sponges, etc.). This is what we want to guarantee today for all schools in the region.

We are also in discussions with the relevant authorities to get as many trainee teachers appointed as possible. When this request cannot be fulfilled, we will fund training and pay new teachers on a permanent basis (3 teachers are already benefiting).

Finally, while we are already providing financial support to a number of young people wishing to pursue higher education, we want to expand these initiatives.

Our needs

We need to finance the construction, renovation and equipping of 5 schools a year.

We also need to fund the training and salaries of new teachers, as well as the school fees and living expenses of promising students.

“Schools will be built and equipped and teachers will be recruited and paid”.

Education school construction

Financing scale:

  • a teacher salary 1 000 € / an
  • school equipment 2 000 € / school
  • building a school 8 000 € / school

Our work

  • In 2021, 2 new schools were built and equipped in Morafeno and Ikoasy, and 2 schools were renovated in Tsivoko and Tsiazorambo. Finally, the Tsimazava school is receiving new school furniture.
  • in 2020, the renovation of the Sakoazato school is completed and school supplies are provided for pupils in Tsivoko and Beronono.
  • Since the start of the 2020 school year, two new teachers have been recruited and funded in Sakoazato.
  • During the 2019-2020 school year, two new teachers are being funded in Tsiazorambo.
  • In 2019, a new school was built in Tsiazorambo and those in Sakoazato and Beronono were renovated and re-equipped. The Tsivoko school has benefited from the installation of varangues. School supplies have been distributed in Tsiazorambo.
  • Since 2019, a grant has been awarded to two young people from the Makay to continue their studies.
  • Since 2018, two teachers’ salaries have been funded by Naturevolution in Beronono.
  • In 2016, school supplies were donated to schoolchildren in Beronono and Tsivoko.
  • Two schools were built in Beronono and Tsivoko in 2015.
  • In 2012, a library was created in Beroroha.
Education_Old school drawing


This project benefits all the children in the villages around Makay, regardless of gender or financial resources, by giving them access to free, quality education.

It offers new development opportunities for the whole population.

Why support us?

You would like to :

  • Promote equal opportunities
  • Fight against illiteracy
  • Reduce poverty
  • Help protect biodiversity
Education_School picture

Who are we?

Naturevolution, which was behind the creation of the New Makay Protected Area, is now the manager mandated by Madagascar’s Ministry of the Environment and Sustainable Development.

To respond to all the threats to the massif, its biodiversity and its populations, the association is deploying an ecosystem of complementary initiatives ranging from awareness-raising and humanitarian aid to agro-ecological diversification and the development of sustainable economic alternatives such as ecotourism, as well as scientific research and reforestation.

Our support

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