Economic activities

In order to contribute to the effective protection of the natural ecosystems in which we operate and to improve local living conditions, Naturevolution seeks to initiate and promote sustainable economic activities that enable villagers to live better and in a mutually beneficial relationship with their environment.


Beekeeping is a very common activity in Madagascar, but not very widespread in the Makay. Because it is closely linked to healthy ecosystems, it generates benefits for both local people and the surrounding biodiversity. Following several years of reflection, in early 2018 we launched a project to develop sustainable and respectful beekeeping in the villages around the Makay.

North Makay apiary in Madagascar
One of the apiaries set up in 2019 in the North Makay


We are working to develop regulated, ecological and responsible tourism in order to generate sufficient income to finance the actions needed to conserve the selected sites and improve the living conditions of the local inhabitants. To do this, we work in partnership with tour operators, taking into account the constraints of the areas to be protected, to develop reception, transport and waste management infrastructures, we train local guides and porters, we develop themed tours, and so on.

In the Makay Protected Area in Madagascar, for example, tourism is still in its infancy, with 200 to 300 visitors a year. This start to ecotourism is already creating significant work during the tourist season for local guides, porters and cooks, providing them with around 15% of their annual income in just a few days or weeks. We are striving to develop this form of tourism while controlling its environmental and social impact.

Tourists heading for the Makay massif.