Woes and wonders of the world


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Woes and wonders of the world

Because wonder and emotion are the first steps towards respect, and because we can only protect what we know, this project aims to heighten awareness of the beauties of nature and environmental challenges, as well as encouraging changes in individual and collective behaviour to promote harmonious cohabitation between man and nature.

To do this, a variety of educational materials (documentaries, books, exhibitions, conferences, etc.) are shared, based on the information gathered, the discoveries made and the experiences gained during our expeditions.

Children at a school intervention

An emergency contect

The phenomenon of global warming has been known for decades, as has the current destruction of natural habitats and the historic erosion of biodiversity, described as the “6th crisis of mass extinction of species”. These combined phenomena are already threatening the living conditions of millions of people, not to mention the extremely high cost to economies around the world and the risk of major conflicts.

Exhibition on the Makay Massif at the Musée des confluences in Lyon

Because wonder and emotion are the first steps towards respect and because we only protect what we know

There is no doubt that the lifestyles of our ‘modern’ societies are responsible for this alarming situation and – in the long term – go against the general interest. And yet, although a trend has emerged in recent years, we are still a long way from taking the measure of what is at stake and of the ecological urgency.. It seems that, despite the abundance of information available, it is not yet enough understood and does not generate the necessary commitment.

Convinced that respect for the living world and everyone’s commitment to a more sober and sustainable way of life depend above all on wonder and emotion,we are also aware that Naturevolution has built up a wealth of experience over the last 12 years a significant amount of multimedia, educational, attractive and original material from our expeditions and our work on the field, we propose to enhance this content.

A stand at a festival

Our objectives

  • To raise awareness among as many people as possible of current environmental issues, the interdependence of man and his environment, and respect for living things.
  • Awakening to knowledge of the world
  • Transmit general ecological knowledge
  • Share the information gathered, discoveries made and experiences lived during our expeditions
  • Facilitating exchanges between scientist-adventurers and students
  • Change everyday practices to reduce our ecological footprint
Sketch of a fox
"Madagascar, an expedition to Makay Land" exhibition

Our method

For 12 years we have been leading expeditions to some of the world’s most inaccessible, spectacular and biodiversity-rich environments. Based on experiences from the field and audiovisual resources (videos, photos, sounds) collected during these expeditions, but also thanks to a close collaboration with many international scientists from various disciplines, particularly naturalists, we work with renowned partners (Arte, La Martinière, Cité des sciences, etc.) to produce a range of teaching materials such as documentaries published works (photo books and nature guides), permanent or travelling exhibitions, powerpoint presentations, educational sheets, virtual field tours, and feature articles on social networks and on our website..

We broadcast our documentaries on major international television channels (Canal+, Arte, etc.). We present our exhibitions in both large venues (Musée des Confluences, Cité des Sciences, Muséum du Havre, etc.) and smaller ones (cultural centres, universities, media libraries, etc.). We take part in many conferences/projections organised by festivals and cultural centres. We respond to numerous invitations from schools to speak to their pupils and students. We distribute our books in all the major bookshops. We put as much material as possible online on social networks and on our website to make access as easy and fun as possible. We also participate in radio and television programmes. (la Méthode Scientifique, La Terre au Carré, etc.).

Our Needs

Budget this year : 30 000€

We need funds to design new videos, ready-to-use tools for teachers and a platform for virtual visits to the lost worlds where we work.
We also need more regular support to fund the costs of our workshops and school events, as well as the installation of our exhibitions in public cultural spaces and the mediation that goes with them.

Financing scale

  • 10 school interventions : 1 500 €
  • Virtual Tour publishing: 6 000 €
  • Book publishing : 15 000 €

A wide range of teaching materials (documentaries, books, exhibitions, conferences, etc.), designed from discoveries and experiences during our expeditions.

Presentation of our activities at a festival


  • On the one hand, schoolchildren, students and teachers who benefit from our mediators working in schools, the free online availability of educational documentation, the availability of our touring exhibitions and/or guided tours of them and associated workshops in host venues, the free broadcasting rights for our documentaries as part of teaching activities, etc.
  • On the other hand, the general public through the broadcasting of our documentaries on major international television channels, our themed conferences and screenings/debates in cultural centres or at various events, visits to our exhibitions at their venues, reading our books and articles on social networks and on our website, etc.
  • Finally, companies for whom we give talks at dedicated conferences/projections or who also host our travelling exhibitions.

Why support us?

You would like to contribute to :

  • supporting the diffusion of knowledge about biodiversity
  • help design the right awareness-raising tools
  • contributing to changes of behaviour for a more respectful society
Watercolour of Evrard Wendenbaum by Auka

Our support

  • FG Design
  • Fondation Terre d’Initiatives Solidaires

We are still looking for funds to complete and extend this project. Help us make it happen with a donation!

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