At the end of 2022, we are appealing for monthly donations to support our teams committed to the planet on a daily basis.

Indeed, we all too often forget this, but to meet the enormous challenge of conserving our fabulous sites and their biodiversity, on the one hand, people are needed and, on the other hand, it is illusory to rely solely on voluntary action – especially in countries where the very concept of volunteering is virtually non-existent. It is therefore imperative to pay these defenders of nature, these fighters for the common good and a desirable future.

Today Naturevolution is a team of more than a hundred men and women. without whom we would do nothing and our impact would be nil. However, wages are extremely complicated cost items to finance under the existing patronage system. Hence the campaign !

We desperately need you – and in particular monthly donations – to sustain our team, hence our actions!

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1393€ / mois grâce à 57 donateurs et 13774€ de dons uniques grâce à 57 donateurs

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To better understand the issues and the problem, please watch the video below (5 minutes) as well as the portraits of some of our team members.


The association needs €15,000 per month to finance the current team.

You are 15,000 people who follow us! So that means that if each of you gave us €1 a month, or if 1,000 of you gave us €15 a month, we could not only work more serenely but also and above all be ever more effective and useful for the planet and our future.

$15 a month, what’s that? Two pints!

It’s worth it, isn’t it?


For each monthly donation (starting at €1), we offer you to receive a newsletter from Naturevolution every month in the form of a digital Postcard !


If you pay taxes, for a donation of 50€/month, you will actually only spend 17€/month. A donation to Naturevolution allows you to benefit from an income tax reduction of 66% of its amount (up to 20% of your taxable income).

Thank you very much for your invaluable support.

Terima kasih ! Misaotra ! Thanks !

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