Our visits to the Makay between December 2010 and January 2011 were attended by many school classes and led to the development of a wide range of educational projects by their teachers.

The association has developed a number of tools that can be used by French students.

  • School presentations: members of the Naturevolution team and the researchers involved presented the expedition and its discoveries to several thousand schoolchildren throughout France.
  • A forum: researchers answer questions from students who are developing a class project with their teachers.
  • Films: 2 documentaries can be used in class (“Le dernier éden”, a 26-minute documentary film; “Makay, à la découverte du dernier éden”, a 52-minute documentary film) on scientific field research and biodiversity.
  • Meetings: pupils were able to meet the explorers and/or scientists from our expeditions at festivals, public events and meetings organised at the Museum of Grenoble and Toulouse in particular.
  • Donations: a large number of school books, exercise books and pens were donated to schools in the three villages closest to the Makay massif. New shipments are in progress. In addition, a large number of books for children and teenagers, as well as encyclopaedias, novels, albums and comic strips, collected in particular by French pupils, will be added to the library we have set up in Beroroha.
  • Audiovisual material: photos, video clips and expedition logs available online
  • Feature articles: online articles exploring topics related to biodiversity, deforestation, the geography and history of Madagascar
  • Correspondence: Malagasy and French pupils correspond in the form of photo reports or drawings about their immediate environment.