This page is dedicated to our local ecotourism development initiatives. Click here for information about our ecovolunteer missions in Madagascar and Indonesia.

Our dream is for ecotourism to be a tool for preserving nature rather than degrading it. The objective of our efforts to develop ecological and responsible tourism in the natural areas we are working to protect is to provide alternative income to activities that are harmful to nature, such as bush fires, poaching and illegal fishing.

This income should help to finance some of the actions needed to protect natural areas, but should also directly improve the living conditions of local communities, so that they can benefit from the preservation of their environment.

Special meeting between our mission researchers and the villagers of Tsivoko

In the Makay massif in Madagascar, we promote low environmental impact ecotourism based on hiking. A system of entrance fees provides equal funding for the protection of the massif, projects to benefit local communities and improvements to the quality of the ecotourism on offer.

At the same time, we support travel agencies wishing to offer the Makay in their catalogues by organising educational tours, helping to design tours and putting people in touch with local guides and cooks, raising awareness of the need to respect a charter of best practices based on Leave No Trace principles, etc.

In Matarape Bay on the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia, we have begun a dialogue with a number of local tourist guides and provincial government agencies with a view to protecting the area’s natural riches and developing ecotourism around the bay’s local communities.

Indonesian boat used on one of our ecovolunteer missions