The exhibition “Scoresby Sund”

The exhibition “Discovering Scoresby Sund” is a real invitation to travel, made possible thanks to the support of the FG Design, of La Rochelle International Adventure Film Festival and the Festival Aventure et Découverte in Val d’Isère, which retraces the journey and research we undertook in summer 2016 in this Greenland fjord – the largest fjord system in the world – as part of the Lost Worlds projects.

A tribute to the Arctic territories

The visuals in the exhibition combine the talents of illustrator and naturalist Auka (Aurélie Calmet) with the photographic talents of Evrard Wendenbaum, who has captured this magnificent territory in some spectacular shots.

You’ll be able to take a unique look at the different ecosystems that characterise this region: the fjords, the tundra and the mountains, through drawings, photos, videos and educational content.

This exhibition is a testament to the beauty, poetry and fragility of Greenland.originally in the form of very large arches, for a few days covered the hall of the Espace Encan as part of the La Rochelle International Adventure Film Festival, the façade of the Val d’Isère Convention Centre as part of the Aventure et Découverte Festival, and then that of the Ax-les-Thermes Resort Convention Centre as part of the Festival d’Aventure et Découverte. Explos Festival.

There are now two versions of this exhibition: a panel version and a canvas version.

Panel version

The exhibition is made up of 73 visuals, and all or part of it can be rented. Most of the supports are canvas panels on wood, varying in size from 40 x 21cm to 174 x 118cm. Some of the photos are very large, and the stretched canvases are up to 4m high, so they are not mounted on wood.

The exhibition can cover a wall surface of up to 250m².

The visuals focus on the three ecosystems studied: Tundra, Fjords and Mountains, and also present the expedition and the project leader.

Canva version

A more portable version of the exhibition is available for other room configurations. It consists of a large visual printed on a canvas, with the same content as the panels, arranged by theme. It measures 6m long by 2.5m high and has eyelets for easy hanging.

6m x 2.5m canvas for the Scoresby Sund exhibition

It is accompanied by two kakemonos: one presenting the expedition, the location, the team members and the partners; the other presenting the name of the expedition.

Kakemono presenting the Scoresby Sund exhibition
Kakemonos presenting the Scoresby Sund exhibition

Around the exhibition

To animate the exhibition and serve as an extension to the cause defended by Naturevolution : raise public awareness of these largely unexplored territories so that they can be better protectedIn this area, it is possible to broadcast sounds and/or videos, as well as organise conferences and screenings of the expedition film.

Ambient sound

We can provide a soundtrack to help you immerse yourself in this magnificent area.

Throughout the expedition, and in the different environments studied, the researchers made recordings on land, on icebergs and underwater. It could be the gentle fizzing of a glacier, the ‘background’ sound of a lake or the fracturing of icebergs.

For example, the gentle sparkle of a glacier…

… and its collapse!

Video contents

Videos can complement and liven up the illustrations, photos and texts. We can offer you sequences relating to the different themes (Fjords, Tundra, Mountains) and/or extracts from the film “Greenland, Whispers in the Ice”.

Please note that we are unable to rent you screens.

Screening and Conference

The expedition gave rise to a film retracing – with humour – the adventures of the expedition and the scientists’ research. The documentary “Groenland, les murmures de la Glace” was directed by Evrard Wendenbaum and Gil Kebaïli, and produced by Les Gens Bien Production. Broadcast on Arte and Ushuaïa TV, it has won several awards.

The screening of this 52-minute film can be accompanied by a discussion between a member of the expedition and the audience.

Practical details

For any installation of this exhibition, you will need to allow for the cost of hire, as well as your own travel expenses from Grenoble to the exhibition

> For rental rates, please contact us using our contact form.

Origins of the exhibition

Created in 2016 for the La Rochelle Adventure Film Festival thanks to the support of FG Design, this exhibition was initially presented in the form of huge arches.

Discovering Scoresby Sund" exhibition - Naturevolution

Very impressive but very complicated to move, it was then transformed into “totems”, before being converted into panels (its current form) in 2020.