Photographic exhibition: Discovering the last Eden

This exhibition of photographs by Evrard Wendenbaum features some twenty panels measuring 60cm x 90cm, beautifully printed on aluminium dibond. The photos have been selected for their high quality and the subjects they present. Each image is accompanied by a caption to help you learn more about a particular area. They cover biodiversity, geology, archaeology and local life, and present the massif from a number of angles.

Synopsis :

Made up of hundreds of intricate canyons, the Makay massif is one of nature’s most monumental works of art. Completely unexplored, this extraordinary and virtually unknown mountain range of Madagascar is one of the most inaccessible points on the globe. Its valleys, several hundred metres deep, have isolated ecosystems and animal and plant species that have been unique in the world for millions of years.
The photographs in this exhibition come from five expeditions (scientific missions to inventory biodiversity and exploration missions) to this rugged terrain, which have led to some major discoveries, including many new species and the very first decorated caves in Madagascar.

Below are the exhibition panels (click to enlarge):

01_Exposition_Photographique_Makay 02_Exposition_Photographique_Makay 03_Exposition_Photographique_Makay
04_Exposition_Photographique_Makay 05_Exposition_Photographique_Makay 06_Exposition_Photographique_Makay
07_Exposition_Photographique_Makay 08_Exposition_Photographique_Makay 09_Exposition_Photographique_Makay
10_Exposition_Photographique_Makay 11_Exposition_Photographique_Makay 12_Exposition_Photographique_Makay
13_Exposition_Photographique_Makay 14_Exposition_Photographique_Makay 15_Exposition_Photographique_Makay
16_Exposition_Photographique_Makay 17_Exposition_Photographique_Makay 18_Exposition_Photographique_Makay
19_Exposition_Photographique_Makay 20_Exposition_Photographique_Makay

Features :

– outdoor exhibition
– 20 photographs measuring 60 cm x 90 cm
– detailed captions (in French)
– prints on aluminium (dibond)
– highly resistant to impact and the elements
– can be mounted on any surface
– lighting available for each photo
– rigid wooden box 102 cm x 78 cm x 27 cm (~50 kg)


– Spectacular large-format images
– Introducing a lost world as yet unknown
before 2010
– Themes of the International Years of Biodiversity
2010 and forests 2011
– Fashionable, tried-and-tested exhibition format
– Raising awareness among a wide audience
– Diffusion of scientific culture outside the walls

Exhibitions dates:

  • 17-19 November 2011 – La Rochelle Adventure Film Festival – Espace Encan
  • 12 March 2012 – 1% for the Planet evening in Paris – Salle 8 Valois
  • 15-19 April 2012 – Adventure and Discovery Festival – Val d’Isère
  • 28-29 April 2012 – Adventure and Wine Festival – Luberon
  • 10-11 November 2012 – Explorimages Festival – Serre Tropicale – Nice
  • 28 November-02 December 2012 – Salon Naturissima – Grenoble
  • 03 December 2012 – Sustainable development event Sup de Co Grenoble – Grenoble
  • 5-9 December 2012 – Mountain and Exploration Festival – Autrans
  • 22-24 March 2013 – Festival Curieux Voyageurs – Saint-Etienne
  • 16-18 October 2015 – Festival le Grand Bivouac – Albertville

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