A good example to follow: protected area Vohimana

A small delegation of Naturevolution is currently in Madagascar, before making choices in our project of creating protected area, we want to enrich advice from other NGOs with similar projects in the field. manandnature.org), We found essential to understand what was implemented in the specific context of one of their major project.

The project began in 2002-2003 Vohimana the initiative of Olivier Behra and Dimby, both herpetologists and fell in love with the area they studied.

Despite strong rivalry that existed between the villages at the beginning, development activities have helped bring the villages and create a management committee which sits in the NGOs as well as representatives of associations and village representatives.

In a few figures to date:
– 300 familles vivent sur la zone
– 70 personnes cultivent le gingembre pour l’extraction d’huiles essentielles
– 16 pépiniéristes cultivent plus de 30 000 plants par an
– 150 planteurs aident au reboisement
– 300 ha d’essences autochtones ont été plantées pour la production d’huiles essentielles
– 2 alambics ont été installés dans 2 villages différents, ils tournent en continu toute l’année
– plus de 100 collecteurs cueillent et acheminent les feuilles toute l’année vers les alambics
– 3 guides éco-touristique ont été formé et accueillent les touristes
– 1 famille s’occupe de l’accueil dans le parc
– plus de 200 touristes visitent et séjournent sur le site chaque année
– 80 femmes alimentent le dépôt-vente en objets d’artisanat (vannerie, couture) et se forment dans l’atelier

Our visit began with the health center in which continuous, there is a midwife, a midwife and a doctor (all 3 are Tana).

Visit the health center Vohimana NGO Rights and Environment by Naturevolution, Madagascar

The main diseases encountered in this area are:
– la malaria
– les diarrhées aiguës
– les problèmes respiratoires (charbonniers, climat humide)

There are on average 3-4 deliveries per month for about 1600 people.

In addition to the health center is the home of women which includes the deposit craft sale (local sale and export) and the workshop in which there weekly trainings and courses weaving, basketry.

House of Women NGOs Vohimana Man and Environment, Madagascar

For the distillation of essential oils, the premises are trained for each still, there is a local official.

Nursery Vohimana NGO Rights and the Environment, Madagascar

All seedlings used for reforestation and tree plantations used for the extraction of essential oils are produced in nurseries located in the area.

The day was rich, a big thank you to Saroy Mamy and for their valuable advice and for sharing with us their experience so nicely.

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