Giant Clam Refuge

Projet de conservation des bénitiers géants : Giant Clam Refuge

Créer au sud-est de Sulawesi un sanctuaire pour les bénitiers géants, ces animaux menacés. Cette réserve augmentera leur taux de reproduction et aura un effet bénéfique sur l’ensemble des récifs de la région.

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Back on ecovolunteers missions was in Sulawesi

Indonesia - Naturevolution continued all summer its actions on 50 different sites in the Bay of Matarape and massive Matarombéo on Sulawesi island, thanks to the presence of 30 ecovolunteers. Very encouraging results for the pursuit of our conservation activities in the region.

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Matarombeo – pristine jungle under the spotlight

Les mangroves de l'estuaire de la Lalindu

It was one of the mission objectives: making a first exploration in the mangroves of rivers flowing karstic massif Matarombeo, one of the water towers of the region to identify sites conducive to the realization of future scientific expedition Konawe 2018.

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Konawe Plastic Project : Naturevolution starts to work on ocean plastic waste in Indonesia

Mission ecovolunteer in Matarape Bay Indonesia

In late April, the Naturevolution team ended up on the south-eastern branch of the island of Sulawesi to lay the foundations of an ambitious project: the Konawe Plastic Project aims to reduce ocean pollution in a world sublime but lost sorely lacking of a waste management system.

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