In the municipal elections, vote for the forests!

Plantation de palmier à huile à Sulawesi, Indonésie.

Naturevolution is not used to talking about politics. But in a globalized economy, public policies taken in France have a devastating effect on forests on the other side of the world, and sometimes precisely in the areas where we operate. Municipalities are an excellent opportunity to make a difference.

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Bilan de nos actions de sensibilisation liées à la Mission Scoresby

L'illustratrice au travail sur la Mission Scoresby

In the summer of 2016, led a scientific Naturevolution Expedition to Greenland. Beyond the scientific goals, the expedition was to use the image and narration to raise awareness of the beauty and fragility of the Arctic, and the need for its protection.

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New outreach mission in the Makay

Projection dans le village de Tsivory

Following the scientific expedition Makay 2017 July-August, the Madagascar Naturevolution team returned on the ground to meet the people of the periphery of the Makay Protected Area in order to assert its presence in the region and to consolidate relations with local authorities.

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A large exhibition in La Rochelle to explore the Scoresby Sund

C’est une véritable invitation au voyage qu’offre l’exposition « A la découverte du Scoresby Sund ». Elle met à l’honneur l’expédition que Naturevolution a mené à l’été 2016 dans ce système de fjords du Groenland le plus vaste au monde, dans le cadre du projet Lost Worlds.

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