A young malagasy woman sows the seeds of change in the Makay

Stephanie Razafimanonjy, project manager Reforestation

Stephanie, a young woman of Malagasy highlands, is our Chief Reforestation project. Working tirelessly, she has the art to be respected despite his frail figure in a field usually reserved to men, that management and agricultural work. At first light, it can be found in contemplating seedlings under shade structures.

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Launch of the 1 million trees project for the Makay

Nurseries for reforestation in the Makay in Madagascar

Naturevolution launching an ambitious reforestation project around the villages of Makay. 2019 will therefore saw the establishment of five nurseries, planting nearly 100,000 seeds - without use of plastic pots! - and replanting first few hundred trees.

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(3/6) Reforestation: Opportunities and Limitations

Nursery in Madagascar

Reboiser la terre pour sauver le climat et l’espèce humaine. Est-ce une utopie ? Face au changement climatique, à l’érosion des sols, à la désertification et à la déforestation, les gouvernements renchérissent à coup de campagnes de reforestation toutes plus ambitieuses les unes que les autres. Mais cela fonctionne-t-il ? Et si l’on veut récréer de la ‘forêt primaire’, comment s’y prendre ?

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