Beekeepers of Makay training

Makay growers in training in Manakara, Madagascar

After evaluating the beekeeping potential Makay early 2018, five beekeepers were trained on modern beekeeping. We take you now to meet them, through excerpts from a video training and awareness achieved during training. Discover their portraits, the activities carried out as part of the training and their new relationship with nature.

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First actions around our beekeeping project

Beekeeping training in Beroroha village

Début 2018, l’équipe de Naturevolution à Madagascar effectue les missions préalables au lancement du projet apiculture dans le Makay. Alors que, côté France, l’équipe s’affaire pour compléter le budget du projet, il faut d’hors et déjà mettre en place l’accompagnement technique du projet, évaluer la situation propre à chaque village, et identifier les premiers apiculteurs.

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