The children of Makay at a good school

Projet : Les enfants du Makay à bonne école

Offrir une éducation de qualité, inclusive et équitable afin de doter les habitants du Makay des outils nécessaires pour améliorer leur vie et leur permettre un développement durable. Dans cet objectif, des écoles seront construites et équipées et des enseignant·es seront recrutés et rémunérés.

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Launch of the 1 million trees project for the Makay

Nurseries for reforestation in the Makay in Madagascar

Naturevolution launching an ambitious reforestation project around the villages of Makay. 2019 will therefore saw the establishment of five nurseries, planting nearly 100,000 seeds - without use of plastic pots! - and replanting first few hundred trees.

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Back on ecovolunteers missions were in the Makay

Visit Makay by a disabled person in Joelette.

Madagascar - In the summer of 2018, two field missions Naturevolution that leads to the massive protection of Makay in Madagascar were accompanied by eco-volunteers. Back on the missions and the actions performed by the presence of 15 people.

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Review of our awareness-raising actions related to the Scoresby Mission

L'illustratrice au travail sur la Mission Scoresby

In the summer of 2016, led a scientific Naturevolution Expedition to Greenland. Beyond the scientific goals, the expedition was to use the image and narration to raise awareness of the beauty and fragility of the Arctic, and the need for its protection.

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Family eco-volunteering

ÉCOVOLONTARIAT - For the first time since the launch of our eco-volunteering missions, the Naturevolution team in Madagascar is welcoming a [...]

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