In the municipal elections, vote for the forests!

Palm oil plantation in Sulawesi, Indonesia.

Naturevolution is not used to talking about politics. But in a globalized economy, public policies taken in France have a devastating effect on forests on the other side of the world, and sometimes precisely in the areas where we operate. Municipalities are an excellent opportunity to make a difference.

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(6/6) Why protect forests Makay?

Makay Massif forest in Madagascar

Why protect forests? If the choice is between a destructive tradition but works in the short term, and a conservation strategy that is not in the habits and that requires a change lifestyles, it's good to take stock of the real issues of forest protection - Makay those of Madagascar, of course!

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(5/6) Deforestation in Madagascar and the massive Makay

Canyon massif Makay deforested by fire.

Deforestation in Madagascar is among the fastest in the world. Yet it rarely makes headlines in the news. On our field of action in the Makay massif, numerous bush fires are started by local people. What are the reasons that lead to trigger fires?

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(4/6) How to act against deforestation

Meat, driver of deforestation

What can we actually do to make a positive impact, significant and rapid deforestation in the world? Let it without taboo, in order of importance.

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(3/6) Reforestation: Opportunities and Limitations

Nursery in Madagascar

Reforest the earth to save the climate and the human race. Is it a utopia? Faced with climate change, soil erosion, desertification and deforestation, governments are stepping up to reforestation campaigns, each more ambitious than the next. But does it work? And if we want to recreate primaire primary forest ’, how do you go about it?

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(2/6) Deforestation: the timetable (in) government action?

Pepper plantation in Sulawesi.

L’Europe et les gouvernements à travers le monde prennent de nombreux engagements pour lutter contre la déforestation. Est-ce juste de la communication, ou bien cela a-t-il un réel impact sur la protection des forêts ? Notre planète est-elle vraiment en train de reverdir ? Et si ce n’est pas le cas, qu’est-ce qui pourrait fonctionner ? Tour d’horizon.

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(1/6) Deforestation: an inventory in 2019

Deforestation: we thought that awareness of this scourge had long been recognized ... But the fires that ravaged Brazil and Bolivia in the summer of 2019, as well as their resurgence in Indonesia, prove that we never end to reduce the few intact forests that remain on our planet. Let's take stock of the situation today and look at the causes of deforestation, continent by continent.

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