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Naturevolution France

Naturevolution is only in France - after more than 10 years of existence - made up of 8 people (6 full-time equivalents), a deliberately small team in order to limit operating costs and fully dedicated to the development of the association's international projects. Our main mission is to support the projects that our teams in Madagascar et en Indonesia suggest and support, first by finding the financial and human resources necessary for their deployment in the field, then by ensuring their coordination, their administrative and accounting management and finally their monitoring. We also ensure daily communication, press relations and relations with our partners, but also the development of various actions of raising awareness among schools and the general public the major current ecological issues and in particular the problem of the collapse of biodiversity.

Evrard Wendenbaum

Founder and global coordinator

A scientist by training, Evrard is an explorer of modern times. For the past twenty years, he has led expeditions to some of the most inaccessible places on the planet. Committed defender of nature, he initiated the Makay conservation project in Madagascar and the Lost Worlds project to preserve the last unknown lands on the planet. In order to carry out these projects, in 2009 he founded the Naturevolution association and today coordinates all of its activities.

Exhibition “Makay, a refuge in Malagasy land” at the Musée des Confluences

Partnerships and science manager

After studying biology at the National Museum of Natural History and an exploration mission with Naturevolution in Makay in 2014, Gaëtan became an active member of the association and then became its secretary between 2016 and 2019. He is nowadays. he is responsible for partnerships and the coordination of research projects in the field, but also for writing our publications on Facebook.

Marie Wendenbaum

November 2, 11 h 00 min

Present from the genesis of the association, particularly as a volunteer in the field from 2012 but a daily college teacher, Marie was secretary of Naturevolution until 2015. After leaving National Education in 2018, she is developing today. hui the educational influence of the expeditions, manages press relations and also coordinates the association's event activities.

Yann Bigant

Web and communication manager

Yann got closer to Naturevolution in 2013 by participating in a mission in the Makay and has since held several positions within the organization. Treasurer, responsible for development in Indonesia, responsible for monitoring partners, among others. Today, from Cambodia, he contributes to the management of our websites, the writing of our publications on our newsletters and on Instagram, and, to the coordination of the "Star'fish wars" project in Indonesia.

November 8, 8 h 00 min

Web and communication projects (work-study)

After civic service with Naturevolution, Malika is now in charge of graphic communication as well as the management of the association's websites.

Maelle Jondeau

International projects (work-study)

Volunteer in Madagascar for more than six months, Maëlle is now involved in the project " Seeds of change »For food security in Makay, as well as on the major sociological survey carried out among the populations of Makay.

Antoine Heurtel

Awareness and scientific mediation (Civic Service)

Ecovolunteer in 2017, following studies in educational science at the National Museum of Natural History, Antoine joined the team and is now developing awareness tools through web development in particular.

Celia gobeaut

Membership Officer (Volunteer)

After an ecovolunteer mission in Madagascar in 2019, Célia decided to fully invest in Naturevolution and became secretary of the association in 2020.

September 22

  • Evrard Wendenbaum Exhibition “Makay, a refuge in Malagasy land” at the Musée des Confluences
  • Ermada - Sale of Malagasy handicrafts - Secretary
  • November 8, 8 h 00 min - Deputy secretary
  • Antoine You - Treasurer
  • Jean Caroline - Administrator
  • Jerome Botta - Administrator
  • Philippe Mistral - Administrator
  • Martine Noally - Administrator
  • Roland Wendenbaum - Administrator and Accountant

Volunteers and members

Want to share your expertise? Give a little of your time? Share your mood or your boundless energy? Join us : contact@naturevolution.org
You want to hire you for our actions? Just simply tojoin Naturevolution.

Group of volunteers and members of Naturevolution in France

Naturevolution Madagascar

The Madagascan branch of Naturevolution works hand in hand with thefrench team in order to specifically ensure the protection of Makay Massif in Madagascar and the support of the communities that depend on it. The association is growing rapidly (especially since 2019) and currently brings together (summer 2021) a 100% Malagasy team of nearly 60 people permanently present on the ground and composed of 3/4 inhabitants of Makay. She's wearing a range of initiatives on the ground in full collaboration with local populations and all stakeholders in the territory (local authorities, tourism professionals, ministries, etc.).

Tojo Rabefaritra


Ecotourism and eco-volunteering project manager

Elisa Raharivololontiana


Awareness project manager

Daniella Raharivololomanana


Vegetable garden project manager

Julienne Raharisoa

Regional Director North Makay

Clarck Hervé Ralaivao

Regional Director South Makay

Herizo Rakotonimanana

Beekeeping project manager


Reforestation project manager

Paul Tafara

Socio-organizer Sud Makay

Rahery Tantely

South Makay beekeeping manager


Beekeeping Manager North Makay

Love Ranaivo Ramaroson

Ecotourism project assistant

Edmond Benandrasana

Head nurseryman in Sakoazato


Nurseryman in Sakoazato


Sakoazato nurseryman

It saves

Chief nursery of Tsiazorambo


Nursery in Tsiazorambo


Nursery in Tsiazorambo


Vegetable garden in Sakoazato


Vegetable garden in Sakoazato

The way

Vegetable garden in Sakoazato

True Boto

Potagéist in Tsiazorambo

Richard Fanomezantsoa

Potagéist in Tsiazorambo

Raphaël Folomainty

Beronono Institute


Menapanda Ranger


Forest ranger - Makay center


Assistant Sud Makay

Ascension Jean Ferlin

Représentant local Makay Nord

Marcelline Rasoanandrasana

Beroroha office secretary

Nomena Randriamiadamandroso

Transport manager


Head nurseryman in Beroroha

Jean Michel

Nursery in Beroroha


Nursery in Beroroha


Head nurseryman at Beronono


Nursery in Beronono


Nursery in Beronono




Représentant local Makay Nord

Dama Tsimikora

Représentant local Makay Nord


Tsiazorambo apiculture manager


Sakoazato beekeeping manager


Sakapaly beekeeping manager

Francine Njara

Institutrice de Beronono

Naina Fabrice

Sakoazato schoolteacher


Sakoazato teacher


Nursing Chief in Tsivoko


Nursery in Tsivoko


Nursery in Tsivoko

Marie Haingotiana Malala

Potagéist in Tsiazorambo


Head nurseryman at Ikaosy


Nurseryman in Ikaosy


Nurseryman in Ikaosy


Vegetable garden in Ikaosy


Vegetable garden in Ikaosy


Secretary of the office of Malaimbandy

Nathanael Oliveira

Photo / video reporter

Kim- Pyaneandee kimberley

Animatrice sensibilisation

Mbolatiana bien aimée Rudy


Andriamahefanjaka Albin – Leda


You can come and meet us in our liaison offices in Malaimbandy and Beroroha, at the gates of Makay. You can also contact our local team directly by email (makay@naturevolution.org), by facebook or Instagram.

Naturevolution Indonesia

Recently created (November 2019), the Naturevolution Indonesia association saw its development delayed by the COVID 19 epidemic and could not take off until 2021. She works closely with thefrench team to guarantee the protection of Coastal and terrestrial karst ecosystems of Sulawesi Tenggara province, with the help of the surrounding communities and all the players in the territory (local authorities, villagers, fishermen, tourism professionals, ministries, scientific institutions, etc.). The association is now made up of 8 people - almost exclusively - Indonesian and will grow rapidly in the coming months.

And Salim




Cheffe de projet "Matarombeo Conservation"

Nina Angriani


Habib Nadjar Buduha

Chef de projet "Rainforests of the sea"

Purnomo Setiawan

Chef de projet "Refuse plastic"

Sergio Delgado

Chef de projet "Missions écovolontaires"

Muhammad Ali Abdullah

Responsable développement "Refuse Plastic" et "Rainforests of the sea"

Armyn Mame

Chargé de projet "Refuse Plastic"

You can contact our Indonesian team directly by email (sultra@naturevolution.org).