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Evrard WendenbaumEvrard Wendenbaum - www.evrardwendenbaum.com
Scientifique de formation, Evrard est un explorateur des temps modernes. Il a mené depuis une vingtaine d’années des expéditions dans les recoins parmi les plus inaccessibles de la planète. Défenseur engagé de la nature, il a initié le projet de conservation du Makay à Madagascar et le projet Lost Worlds de préservation des dernières terres inconnues de la planète. Afin de porter ces projets, il a fondé en 2009 l’association Naturevolution et coordonne aujourd’hui l’ensemble de ses activités.

Partnerships and science manager

Gaetan DeltourExhibition “Makay, a refuge in Malagasy land” at the Musée des Confluences
After studying biology at the National Museum of Natural History and an exploration mission with Naturevolution in Makay in 2014, Gaëtan became an active member of the association and then became its secretary between 2016 and 2019. He is nowadays. he is responsible for partnerships and the coordination of research projects in the field, but also for writing our publications on Facebook.

Web and communication manager

"Sulawesi, expedition to the heart of the mystery island" in replay on Arte September 22
General engineer, photographer and passionate traveler, Yann got closer to Naturevolution in 2013 by participating in a mission in the Makay. Treasurer of the association from 2016 to 2019, he coordinated our program in Indonesia in 2018 and 2019. Today, from Cambodia where he has taken up residence, he contributes to the management of our websites, the writing of our publications on our newsletters and on Instagram, as well as the follow-up of our partners.

November 2, 11 h 00 min

Marie WendenbaumMarie Wendenbaum
Present from the genesis of the association, particularly as a volunteer in the field from 2012 but a daily college teacher, Marie was secretary of Naturevolution until 2015. After leaving National Education in 2018, she is developing today. hui the educational influence of the expeditions, manages press relations and also coordinates the association's event activities.

  • November 8, 8 h 00 min - Web communication and webdesign project manager (work-study)
  • Antoine Heurtel - Scientific mediation officer (Civic Service)
  • Maelle Jondeau - International project manager (work-study)
  • Alexis Pisotti - Partnerships manager (Volunteer)
  • Celia gobeaut - Membership officer (Volunteer)

September 22

  • Evrard Wendenbaum - President and Founder
  • Ermada - Sale of Malagasy handicrafts - Secretary
  • November 8, 8 h 00 min - Deputy secretary
  • Antoine You - Treasurer
  • Jean Caroline - Administrator
  • Jerome Botta - Administrator
  • Philippe Mistral - Administrator
  • Martine Noally - Administrator
  • Roland Wendenbaum - Administrator and Accountant


  • Jean-Marc Civiere (Huma) - Director of the NGO Humy
  • November 8, 8 h 00 min - Consulting and business training
  • Harmony Perdigal - Specialist in Agro-ecology
  • Joubert Gaëlle - Scientific popularizer
  • Barbara Réthoré & Julien Chapuis (Natexplorers) - Scientific Mediators
  • Aurélien and Virgil Prudhomme (Double You Design) - Graphics and webdesign
  • Aurélie Calmet (increase) - Naturalist illustrator
  • Jeremy Chenal - Video editor
  • David Clancy (David Clancy Films) - Director
  • Jeremy Mathieu (Website) - Photographer
  • Christine in April - Scientific mediator and specialist in natural science education
  • Kévin Morere - Scientific mediator
  • Or Laudisoit - Scientific advisor
  • Iacopo Luino - Scientific advisor
  • Jean-Michel Bichain - Scientific advisor
  • Arthur Burgundy - Ecotourism advice


Very active volunteers - the number thirty - concretely help us throughout the year to advance our projects.

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The association Naturevolution Madagascar

Naturevolution has developed a Madagascar antenna 2014 to ensure specifically protecting the Makay Massif in Madagascar and supporting the communities that depend on it. The association brings together a team made up of volunteer administrative members (office) and paid executive members (technical positions). Discover the Naturevolution Madagascar team on Makay.org.