Our ecofriendly charter

Dans la vie quotidienne de l’association, à notre échelle, nous nous engageons à adopter des comportements respectueux de la biodiversité et de l’environnement. Des engagements simples que nous vous invitons à suivre chez vous et au travail.

Control energy consumption

  • To save power, we turn off our lights, computer equipment and electronics, and do not leave electrical appliances (computers, printers, etc.) Standby. Our lamps are equipped with energy-saving bulbs.
  • To reduce our electricity consumption, in summer, we do not use air conditioning, and in winter, a sweater over reduces heating at home and office.
Saving water

  • To save water, we don't leave it running when we wash our hands or take showers.
  • To preserve it, we use green cleaning products and sparingly.
  • Of course, or no toxic waste is flushed down the toilet or sink.
Reduce our travel and focus on clean urban transport

  • To get around the city, encourage cycling. The association supports the maintenance of the bikes of our employees. Of course, all other trips are made by public transport (Metro and bus).
  • To move us in France and abroad, we prefer train travel. We do not take the car to go into the field only when it is really necessary and, in that event, we opt for carpooling.
  • Nous favorisons le télétravail, quand cela est compatible avec la mission de nos collaborateurs. Moins de trajets domicile – bureau : c’est autant de temps de gagné pour monter des projets de sauvegarde de la biodiversité, et bien sûr une moindre consommation d’énergie dans les transports !
  • Enfin, nous regroupons et rallongeons nos missions à l’étranger pour limiter nos déplacements en avion.
Save paper

  • To reduce paper consumption, management of all our records and archives is in electronic form. We communicate with you primarily through our website and by email.
  • We only print documents only when necessary and then we try to minimize our consumption by printing sheets front and back, reusing single-sided sheets as scrap and optimizing the layout (reduced margins, line spacing and font size).
  • Pour réduire notre consommation de ressources naturelles, nous n’utilisons que du papier recyclé non blanchi. En plus de réutiliser de la matière, la fabrication du papier recyclé nécessite moins d’eau et moins d’énergie.
  • We recycle paper by placing it in containers provided for this purpose. Do as we, keep in a corner of your office locker scrap paper and another for paper recycling.
Reduce waste

  • Nous réduisons nos déchets à la source, en évitant d’acheter des produits jetables comme les gobelets en plastique, les bouteilles d’eau, les produits suremballés,… À la place, nous privilégions les bouteilles d’eau en verre que nous remplissons au robinet, et possédons chacun notre tasse.
  • En buvant l’eau du robinet, c’est autant de bouteilles en plastiques que nous ne jetons pas ! Du thé en vrac et une théière permettent d’éviter tous ces déchets superflus, tout en conférant un côté convivial.
  • Because all wastes are not preventable, we contribute to the selective collection of waste and recycle paper, ink cartridges, batteries, Glass and packaging. We promote eco-refills and supplies when they are rechargeable. We compost our organic waste.
Better consuming

  • We prefer our food purchases of local products, season, environmentally and men.
  • If possible, we buy the most organic food and / or fair trade or local producers for products found in France.
  • Avec le réseau 1% pour la planète, nous privilégions des partenaires et des prestataires (comme les imprimeurs) et fournisseurs qui s’engagent dans une démarche de prise en compte de l’environnement.
Less Consuming

  • The takeaway is often synonymous with waste : plastic bags, papiers gras, paper towels, cans ... the list is long. If refuse the plastic bag is simple, reduce other packaging is sometimes more complicated. Many reasons that we have to invest in a microwave to be able to eat meals at the office and transported in reusable plastic boxes. An asset to the nature, the palate and the wallet !
  • Associations sometimes receive donations of furniture or office supplies when changing furniture or other moving structures. It is thanks to the Foundation Emmaus we could equip our offices. This is a good opportunity for us to reuse and recycle materials in good condition !
Respect nature on the field

  • During our activities or field trips, we try to be discreet to limit our impact on the environment and disturbance of wildlife, following the "Leave no trace" charter.
Beings Ambassadors of Biodiversity

  • Word of mouth and social networks allow effective dissemination of information and experience. We try to share our passion, for biodiversity close to home !