The Group's commitment Antelopes

Le mot d’Emmanuel Cotsoyannis - Chairman of the group Antelopes

« Antilopes est un Groupe intégré des métiers de la réception, dynamique et ambitieux sur un marché en pleine recomposition. Comme tout acteur économique privé, nous sommes soumis au quotidien à des impératifs de rentabilité, mais tâchons de « prendre de la hauteur » en nous engageant de manière ambitieuse dans une amélioration de nos process de production en vue de les rendre plus responsables.

When we turned in 2009 a dilapidated garage and polluted in the heart of the 1st arrondissement in a reception room, 8th Valois, we realized the renovation in a high environmental quality, is the choice of eco-labeled materials installed

We quickly wanted to continue our commitment to adhering to the club " 1% for the planet "Convinced that it is earning money that we can financially assist NGOs working for the environment.

Convinced that the best projects are guided by common human belief, we chose to donate 1% of our annual turnover to the Association Naturevolution in which we find the values ​​that we hold dear: the ability to

More personally, as an entrepreneur, I saw the development of our Group as an adventure, similar to Evrard and Naturevolution undertake Makay in Madagascar. Finally, as a child of "The Big Island", I can not accept that its natural and human disappear slowly today. "