Our Partners

Since 2011, Naturevolution is Club Partner 1% for the Planet network and can receive donations from companies and brands of the network. Read more (in French).

Partners 2016 - 2020

This list presents the partners who joined us recently and who continue to support us, either as part of an expedition or all of the shares of Naturevolution.

You will also find :
– the partners of the Makay 2017 expedition on the dedicated expedition page
– the partners of the Mission Scoresby 2016 to Greenland on our expedition website Lost Worlds
- partners supporting a specific project are also mentioned on the dedicated page: The Honey Makay
- partners supporting the conservation project of the Makay in Madagascar are also mentioned on the site New Protected Area of ​​Makay.

nomad Adventure Unusual Foundation Batisseurs Philip Romero Lafuma
Fondation Nicolas Hulot pour la nature et l'homme Confluence Museum International Film Festival and Book of Adventure Rencontres Montagnes et Sciences Alp'Iso Renov
Ecodoo Compilatio Bien-être à la carte
Génération Climat FORIM Fusalp Tanaman
GFI Adeo group YellowWorking Architem
Mon École Écologique Let's give Toolset Helloasso
Solikend Ector Sneakers Babel Voyages Nabür Caravane
Lys Packaging Veganbottle Compagnie du miel Ilanga nature Tarte au citron Mada Lavaka
Thierry Billet Festival Explos

Partners in Madagascar

Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development in Madagascar Ministry of Culture and Heritage Madagascar

Projects are carried out with the support of local administrative authorities:
- Les régions Menabe and Southwest
- Les Districts de Beroroha et Mahabo
- Les Communes de Malaimbandy, Mandabe, wide, empty, Mandronarivo et Beroroha

We are accompanied daily by institutional partners, associations, scientific and Malagasy private in the implementation of projects:


Also: the Southern Beehive (beekeeping project); associations porters and guides Beronono (Kay World Tourism Organization) And Morafeno (Ecotourism project); the association Telik'asa Aro and Development (TAFO); l'Association Call High (3a); l'association des apiculteurs de Beroroha (Apiculturists Association Mampiroboronono Sports and Zavankato) ; travel agencies respecting the Charter of ecotourism in the Makay.

Partners in Indonesia

Etussi: Indonesian Tourist Guides Association / Southeast Sulawesi HPI (Southeast Sulawesi province); Setiawan Purnomo, entrepreneur du recyclage.

Partners 2010- 2015

This list now slightly outdated introduces the companies and institutions who supported us for the large-scale expeditions of the Makay project in 2010-2011 and the field work that followed, as well as those who came onboard for the launch of the Lost Worlds expeditions project in 2014. Some among them are still on our sides and we would like to applaud their long-term commitment.