All our efforts overseas education focus for the moment on the massive Makay who has an urgent need, bushfires are about to wipe the last primary forests of the region.

  • The design and dissemination of messages on local radio bans practice of bush fires and poaching
  • The publication of information posters (mg) for the use of villagers on endangered and protected species
  • The publication of information booklets (French and Malagasy) the use of guides, porters and tourists
  • Sending in the Makay hundreds of textbooks
  • The creation and commissioning of an information center and museum library combining Beroroha, the largest village in the south Makay
  • The design and implementation of information panels and awareness in villages, camping areas and from each circuit trekking
Poster Vohimana

A poster representing all species of lemurs are in a protected area in Madagascar.