What practices to adopt in nature?

We dream that the tourism development or a tool at the service of their preservation and not of their degradation. In order for natural spaces to remain healthy ecosystems, tourism must be a model of respect and ethics.

If you are planning a trip abroad, be aware that Naturevolution carries out ecovolunteer missions all year round in Madagascar and Indonesia. Eco-volunteering provides us with essential help for our projects to preserve some exceptional natural environments. Read more

Ecovolunteering in Indonesia and Madagascar

We therefore invite future tourists, trekkers, adventurers of all stripes, to adopt a responsible attitude and minimize their impact when they are walking, camping, picnicking, running, pedaling, paddling, etc. whatever the natural environment where they evolve.

In line with the ecotourism charter for the Makay, we offer here some thoughts on the better behavior in nature and in the local communities visited. These rules were originally written with the Makay massif in mind, but they are valid or adaptable for any natural space in the world. These are not hard and fast rules, rather a state of mind that will allow followers to feel the same happiness as we do when they enter these beautiful and captivating regions themselves.