Examples of topics covered

Biodiversity (species, ecosystems, etc.).

  • Multiple ecosystems Makay (identification and characterization)
  • Interdependence between environment and species (link between environ-mental conditions and the species it houses (gallery forest, dry forest, lakes, cliffs ...)
  • Biodiversity and Climate (relationship between vegetation, temperature and rainfall)
  • The concept of endemism (75% endemism for Madagascar Wildlife)
  • Classification of species (from a collection of animals Makay)
  • Tropical animal species (from a few representative animals of Makay (lemurs, fossa, crocodile, chameleon, boa, zebu, tenrec, cricket, scorpion, centipede, walking stick)
  • Tropical plant species (from a few plants characteristics Makay (baobab, palm, ficus, pandanus, aloe)
  • Medicinal plants of Makay and function of drug reservoir played by the forest
  • The origin of Madagascar's biodiversity (link geology)
  • The introduction of species (why?, The example of Tilapia)
  • How does one distinguish a new species?

Geology and geography

  • L’érosion (lavakas, canyons,…)
  • The formation of massive (sedimentary rocks)
  • The geological history of Madagascar (plate tectonics)
  • Latitude and Longitude (move on a map, set the GPS points ...)
  • The water cycle and the importance of the forest

Man and his environment

  • The origins of human settlement of Madagascar (from DNA data missions Makay Nature)
  • Man and Forest (reasons and impacts of deforestation)
  • Colonization and decolonization of Madagascar
  • We tell the cave paintings and tombs?
  • The zebu Malagasy bank
  • Beliefs and taboos (dahalo, cult of the dead)
  • The construction of a box using traditional methods (construction of two "centers" will begin in September)

Conservation of Nature (eco-tourism project)

  • What is ecological footprint?
  • What is ecotourism?
  • The urgency of preserving biodiversity?
  • Threats on the Makay
  • How do we in the protected area status?
  • The establishment of a nursery (choice of species, collection of seeds, early planting, implemented in plastic pots, shadehouse, the selection of areas to plant and replanting)
  • The establishment of a botanical garden with all species endemic to Beroroha Makay (the choice of plants, plan, labels for the visit ...)
  • Construction of wooden bungalows with local materials and products for tourists

The scientific expedition

  • Organizing an expedition
  • The objectives of the mission
  • Prospecting techniques, excavations, archaeological surveys (paintings and burials ...)
  • Trades naturalistic field (research protocol and procedures of a mammalian, entomologist, an ornithologist, botanist ...)
  • How does a hot air balloon?
  • How does a GPS?
  • Risk assessment (climate, food ...)

The documentary film

  • How does one film in 3D?
  • How does one film animals?
  • The cinema

The solidarité internationale

  • Organize a collection of textbooks and children's books (for school and library)