Our missions in the Makay conducted between December 2010 and January 2011 were followed by many classes and have enabled the development of educational projects very different from their teachers.

The association has developed some tools available to French students.

  • Interventions in schools : The team members and researchers involved Naturevolution presented the expedition and its discoveries to thousands of students throughout France
  • A forum : Researchers answer questions from students who develop a project in class with their teachers.
  • Movies : 2 documentaires sont exploitables en classe (“Le dernier éden”, un film documentaire de 26 minutes; « Makay, à la découverte du dernier éden », un film documentaire de 52 minutes) sur la recherche scientifique de terrain et la biodiversité
  • Meetings : Students were able to meet the explorers and / or scientific expeditions during our festivals, public events and meetings held at the Museum of Grenoble and Toulouse particular
  • Donations : Many batches of textbooks, notebooks and pens were provided to schools in the three villages closest to the Makay massif.
  • Audiovisual media : Online photos and video clips as well as logs shipments
  • Feature articles : Online articles exploring topics related to biodiversity, deforestation, geography and history of Madagascar
  • Correspondence : As photo story or the drawings to tell their immediate environment, students Malagasy and French students are