Naturevolution aims to improve knowledge of global biodiversity. In this context, we organize scientific expeditions that allow us to better understand some of the most rich and most threatened in the world but also the most difficult to access. Numerous discoveries of new species during our missions, but also knowledge about the history of human settlements, topography and geology, advance science major step.

Important means
But in complex terrain areas we target, these extreme lands and forgotten men, This work is not an easy task because it requires to deploy logistics and specific technical skills.

International collaborations
Naturevolution collaborates with international networks of experts for scientific study and enhancement of biological material collected through shipments.

We also commit ourselves in these missions to meet the national and international legislation on research permits and export samples. Finally, no trade, no patents on life is achieved. And we aim to lead these expeditions with minimal impact on the environment and respect for local people.

A significant impact
Otherwise, strong arguments and that we bring many of these missions on the biological and cultural treasures of these areas as well as the dangers that threaten, allow us to obtain the support of national and international environmental bodies to conduct adequate backup.

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Coucher de soleil_Makay

Sunset at the camp in the cave Andranomite.