The scientific objectives were:

  • Provide first taxonomic inventory on some targeted criteria (i) high heritage value / endemism (mammals, birds, fish fauna) or (ii) high alpha-diversity (entomofaune) groups.
  • Characterize modelize and assess the state of degradation of habitats visited different
  • Comprendre les extraordinaires phénomènes géologiques qui ont lieu dans le massif (désertification, processus d’érosion et d’altération des roches et des sols, origine des bois fossiles, processus de formation des tubes d’oxydes géants, etc…) par une étude pédologique, hydrologique et géologique.
  • Understanding the history of the peopling of Madagascar trying to unravel the mystery of some caves and Sakalava tombs very old.

Botanists Missouri Botanical Garden, Botanical and Zoological Park Tsimbazaza, University of Antananarivo collect and store the largest number of species of plants available in herbaria which will then descended into the valley by the carriers.

Shipping Makay Nature 2010 No. 1 was ambitious because it was the first scientific mission ever carried out in this massive so difficult to access because it was therefore necessary to take precautions and use of special logistics.

She was also ambitious because we wanted to make a film about this scientific adventure.