The expedition consisted of:

  • eleven specialists French and Malagasy fauna and flora of Madagascar but also geology and anthropology
  • some specialists vertical and difficult to access for researchers environments, the study of particularly difficult and dangerous areas where they do not otherwise have access
  • specifically assigned to three filming

Chef d’expédition – Evrard Wendenbaum
Enthusiast Nature and exploration, Evrard is director, photographer and organizer of expeditions.


Ecologue – Tanguy Daufresne
Tanguy is an ecologist, lecturer in the laboratory Behaviour and Ecology of Wildlife at INRA (National Institute for Agricultural Research).

Ethnominéralogiste – Erik Gonthier
56 years, ethno-mineralogist at the National Museum of Natural History in Paris.

Paléo-Anthropologue – Francis Duranthon
49 years, Doctor of paleontology, curator of the Natural History Museum of Toulouse and palaeontological anthropologist at the Laboratory of Molecular Anthropology, University Paul Sabatier.

Malacologue – Jean-Michel Bichain
40 years, doctor the National Museum of History natural to Paris, specialized in malacology and professor of Biology-Ecologie in agricultural education, Jean-Michel is is reconverted into entomologist the time of the expedition.

Mammalogiste – Marie-Lilith Patou
26 years old, doctor of the National Museum of Natural History in Paris, specializing in the evolutionary history of Asian small carnivores.

Ornithologue – Jean-Jacques Randriamanindry
47 years, wildlife expert and founder of Asity Madagascar, the Malagasy League for the Protection of Birds.

Botaniste – Jacky Andriantiana
Researcher at the Botanique Park and Zoologique de Tsimbazaza.

Ichtyologue – Jean Robertin Rasoloariniaina
Etudiant at the University of Antananarivo, Jean Robertin is an endearing boy, quiet and motivated.

Botaniste – Richard Razakamalala
Botanist at Missouri Botanical Garden

Botaniste – Charles Rakotovao
Botanist at Missouri Botanical Garden

Botaniste – Amadou Ranirison
Student in plant ecology at the University of Antananarivo

The support team

Responsable Alimentation – Igor Martinez
Venezuelan origin, Igor works in the south of France as a guide to climbing and canyoning.

Translator - Max Olsen
Max Malagasy origin, was born at the foot of Beroroha Makay.

Responsable Sécurité – Greg Sobczak
At 42, Greg is still one of the best climbers of the island of Reunion.

Responsable Energie – Emeric Mourot
Emeric engineer new technologies at Orange Labs.

Responsable Santé – Frédéric Boonaert
Osteopathic profession, Frederick is the Muncher kind of life.

It should also mention our five wonderful drivers Malagasy Tours who have managed to reach Tsivoky and Beronono in full rainy season.

The film crew

  • Chef opérateur – Nicolas Gabriel
  • Cadreur – Mathieu Cellard
  • Pilote paramoteur – Julien Stocker

The team was also able count on the support of the inhabitants the villages of Beronono and Tsivoky.