Makay Nature 2007

Accompanied to the entrance of the massive Lucile Allorge botanist, a team of 11 people led by Evrard Wendenbaum penetrated for the first time the most remote and inaccessible canyons Makay in August 2007.

This team consisted of:

  • Evrard Wendenbaum: expedition leader, director and photographer
  • John Quirici: grimpeur professionnel
  • Mohamed Mezaga: Geographe

It is worth mentioning also the carrier team without whom this journey would not have been possible:

  • Paul Tafana (Chef Porteur)
  • Didier Rakotonanrasan
  • Jean-Pierre Randiamifidy
  • Mamalahy
  • Zambilahy
  • Romain Faralahatra
  • Jean-Pierre Ndrianambininatodisoa (Tody)
  • Tiby

This expedition exploration has identified different ecosystems studied massif and make an inventory of the state of environmental degradation.


Tyrolean installed above a brackish pond in the Makay Massif in Madagascar