This page is outdated and does not reflect all of the work - in particular between 2014 and 2018 - for the creation of the protected area of ​​the Makay. Find more information about the website dedicated to the Makay massif.

The Naturevolution priorities for the coming years in administration is to:

  • Create Naturevolution Madagascar NGOs to more easily work in Madagascar and Malagasy hire a team entirely to the development of actions for the conservation project
  • Monitor the folder and accelerating the process of creating the protected area of ​​the Makay to obtain the earliest possible final status
  • Negotiate for the withdrawal of zebu cattle of all primary forest massif Makay because they have a catastrophic impact on natural
  • Negotiate for the total cessation of the practice of bush fires in the forests of Makay because they are useless and instead, generate major problems for local populations (lack of wood, and lack of game
  • Get the cessation of activities harmful to the environment than the oil company Tullow Oil, which is located in the region of Makay in 2011 after seismic exploration permit issued by the Ministry of Mines of Madagascar
  • Initiate the transfer of management to the villagers for the medium term, we hope that the future protected area Makay is managed by local people
Troupeau zebu

A herd of zebu in the forests of the Makay Madagascar.