Management of Protected Areas

Naturevolution wants to perpetuate his actions and message, get the support of all those involved in its projects, including local, national (and also international) for each site on which it is committed to conduct its business only

Among the activities in this "administrative" field should be:

  • Creating local branches of Naturevolution such as the NGO Malagasy "Madagascar Naturevolution" whose creation late 2014 was approved by the Ministry of Malagasy interior January 2015
  • Get a status of protected area for sites that are not yet managed under this type of legal framework, as was the case for New Protected Area of ​​Makay created in 2015
  • The administration and management of these protected areas, including the equitable distribution of income and the proper implementation of the recommendations and prohibitions
  • Manage potential conflicts
Discussion chef de village

Upon arrival in the villages, meeting with the leader is always a good opportunity to learn about the customs and traditions of the region.