This page is dedicated to our local ecotourism development actions. Find here the information relating to our ecovolunteer missions in Madagascar or Indonesia.

We dream that ecotourism is a tool at the service of the preservation of nature and not of its degradation. The objective of our efforts to develop ecological and responsible tourism in the natural spaces that we are working to protect is toprovide alternative income activities harmful to nature such as bushfires, poaching or illegal fishing.

These revenues should make it possible to finance part of the actions necessary for the protection of natural areas and also directly improve the living conditions of local communities, so that they can benefit from the preservation of their environment.

Privileged meeting between the researchers of our missions and the villagers of Tsivoko

In the Makay massif in Madagascar, we promote low environmental impact ecotourism based on hiking. A entry fee system makes it possible to finance equally the protection of the massif, projects for the benefit of local communities, and an improvement in the quality of the ecotourism offer. At the same time, we support Travel agencies through the establishment of a charter of good practices based on the Leave No Trace principles.

In Matarape Bay on the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia, we have started a dialogue with several local tourist guides and government agencies in the province in order to articulate the protection of the natural resources of this area and the development of ecotourism around the local communities of the bay.

Indonesia boat used on one of our ecovolunteer missions