1 million trees for Makay

Reforest the periphery of the New Protected Area of ​​Makay


1 million trees for Makay

The "1 million trees for the Makay" project aims to reforest areas that are now totally deforested near the main villages surrounding the protected area. It should allow the preservation of the massif's natural ecosystems while improving the living conditions of 25,000 people, dependent on the services they provide (water, wood, medicines, etc.).

"Create 24 nurseries by 2021 with a replanting capacity of 300,000 to 500,000 trees per year. "

Reforestation Replanting capacity

An emergency context

The island of Madagascar is of exceptional biological wealth. Unfortunately, with the vast majority of its forest cover having disappeared, this unique biodiversity is now only found in rare, still-preserved environments such as the Makay, a spectacular massif of ruiniform sandstone that has become a real safe for nature.

In recent years, suffering from famine linked to population growth and the scarcity of resources, the surrounding populations have been forced to look in the Makay to meet their food and energy needs. So the massif is also seeing its forest cover and biomass drastically decrease and today hundreds of thousands of human lives are in great danger.

Indeed, due to a lack of forests and therefore rainfall, the Makay tends to no longer play its role of water tower for the entire region. When rains occur, in the absence of fertile soils and roots, they cause floods that devastate and permanently silt crops. The degradation of the Makay ecosystems thus directly impacts the ability of populations to make a decent living from their land.

nos objectifs

  • Dike wood samples in the primary forests of the heart of Makay
  • Improve diet thanks to a local and diversified fruit production
  • Protect crops through the planting of soil stabilizing species
  • Restore fertility from the ground
  • Reduce poverty via the planting of melliferous species increasing the production of beekeepers
  • Provide residents from the surroundings one renewable energy and local building materials
  • Guarantee access to water
  • Bring out visions sustainable development
  • Guarantee the local pharmacopoeia thanks to the production of medicinal plants
  • Mitigate climate change by allowing forests to play their role as carbon sinks
Reforestation_Photo nursery

our method

The ambition of the project is to plant 1 million trees for Makay by 2023.

To achieve this, nurseriesare located on the outskirts of some twenty villages among the closest to the massif, each producing between 15,000 and 25,000 plants per year thus offering a replanting capacity of 300,000 to 500,000 trees per year.

Each of these nurseries is managed by 3 local nurserymen while a village assembly is responsible for defining the areas to be replanted, the rights to use the reforested plots as well as ensuring their monitoring and co-management.


3 forestry technicians are responsible for ensuring the training of nurserymen, the choice of species, the proper construction of nurseries and the monitoring of replanting.

Finally, to ensure its effectiveness, cth project that will benefit in fine to 25,000 people is systematically accompanied by joint actions such as raising awareness among residents, Development sustainable income-generating activities (beekeeping, fruit farming, etc.) as well as energy optimization (mise en place de fours à haut rendement dans chaque foyer).

5 pilot nurseries have already been operational since 2019.

Reforestation degradation of ecosystems

"The degradation of the Makay ecosystems has a direct impact on the ability of populations to live decently"

Our needs

This project needsan initial boost especially to buy the equipment and the seeds, prepare the grounds, transport technicians and equipment on site.

He also needsmore regular support to finance all human resources to ensure the monitoring and guarantee the success of the project on the long term.

Reforestation_Photo shoots

Funding scale:

  • Trees between 2 and 3 € / plant
  • Plots between 2000 and 3000 € / Ha
  • Community forests around 50,000 € / forest
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This project benefits first of all to the employees directly involved as well as their families (nurserymen, technicians and trainers). It also benefits to beekeepers who see their production increase thanks to the planting of honey species and to fruit growers who benefit from the products of fruit trees. Finally, he enjoys to all the villagers who have easier access to medicinal plants, fuelwood and building materials and who have their agricultural plots protected.

Why support us?

You wish :

  • Support a reforestation project?
  • Participate in the fight against climate change?
  • Contribute to the protection of biodiversity?
  • Offer a decent future for communities in great need?
Reforestation_Photo project managers

Who are we ?

Naturevolution, at the origin of the creation of the New Protected Area of ​​Makay, is today the mandated manager by the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development of Madagascar.

In order to respond to all the threats to the massif, its biodiversity and its populations, the association is deploying a range of complementary initiatives ranging from awareness raising, to humanitarian aid, through agroecology, the development of sustainable economic alternatives such as ecotourism, but also scientific research and reforestation.

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