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The Makay massif in Madagascar is probably the last unknown territories on the planet. This inaccessible Eden contains a unique and virgin biodiversity. A team of scientists led by French ecoexplorer Evrard Wendenbaum come to explore this huge natural maze and discover its wonders. A fascinating adventure!

First French documentary filmed in 3D, « Madagascar, the lost Makay » is a splendid tribute to naturalist science, field researchers and biodiversity.
Duration : 90 minutes
Director : Pierre Stine
Co-writers : Pierre Stine et Evrard Wendenbaum
Producer : Gédéon Programmes
Co-producers : Canal , Naturevolution, 3D Net Co LCC, Binocle 3D, Nexus Factory
Editing : ADN Studio
Année de production : 2011

It has been broadcasted in primetime on Canal+, then more than 20 times in France (Canal , Canal Décalé, Canal Family et Planète). It has also been broadcasted on NHK (Japan), Discovery Channel and many other foreign TV channels. Finally it was screen during a series of preview showing in movie theater.

Awards :
Audience Prize at Festival Explos 2012
Silver Asteria at Deauville Green Awards 2012

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