Makay - Madagascar

We have been working since 2009 to preserve the Makay massif on the island of Madagascar.

Makay Massif in Madagascar

The Makay massif

The Makay is a massif of 4,000 km2 in southwestern Madagascar. Made up of a labyrinth of forest canyons, it is home to a real treasure in terms of biodiversity and rock paintings.

Verreaux's Sifaka lemur in the Makay massif

Makay's biodiversity

Madagascar, isolated from the continents for millions of years, gave birth to fabulous flora and fauna. Today Makay is one of the greatest sanctuaries of this incredible biodiversity threatened with extinction.

Bush fires in Madagascar

The threats

Long preserved from humans, the Makay now faces strong human pressure. Bush fires are the main threat to the forests of Makay.

Our projects to protect the Makay

In order to face the threats weighing on the ecosystems of the massif, we are deploying an ecosystem of complementary initiatives including the development of sustainable economic alternatives (beekeeping, ecotourism), theimprovement of living conditions (education, agroecology), and protection of natural environments (forest guards, reforestation, awareness raising).

Tools and environmental leaders to protect the Makay

Eco guards to monitor the Makay protected area

Reforest the periphery of the New Protected Area of ​​Makay



Key to local development, education is obvious to protect Makay

Support the protection of Makay

Our local partner

L’association Naturevolution Madagascar was created in 2015 to manage the New Protected Area of ​​Makay. The association is made up of volunteer administrative members (the board) and paid executive members (technical positions).

Makay 2011 Expedition, South Makay Biodiversity Inventory

The expeditions

We have led four major expeditions in the Makay massif to better inventory its biodiversity and bring back the images necessary for its development and protection.

Makay 2017 – Madagascar
7 years after the first scientific expeditions into this massif, scientists are once more returning to the Makay
Presentation of the expeditionRoad book

Book and films on the Makay

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