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On the island of Sulawesi, Naturevolution works to protect the last vast expanse of primary forest on the island, as well as an archipelago of small islands home to the rich marine life of the Coral Triangle.

The Matarombeo Karst on the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia

The Konawe Karsts

Southeast Sulawesi is considered one of Sulawesi's last remaining wilderness areas, home to a forest of around 700,000 hectares largely untouched. The adjacent bay of Matarape is home to some of the richest coral reefs in our oceans.

The coral reefs of Sulawesi

Sulawesi's biodiversity

Sulawesi is a biodiversity hotspot. Its forests, mangroves and coral reefs are home to species that do not exist anywhere else and are on the verge of extinction.

Plastic waste pollution in Indonesia

The threats

The Konawe karsts are almost a textbook case in terms of threats to biodiversity: deforestation, illegal fishing, mining, plastic pollution and invasive species, the count is good!

Our projects in Konawe

Since 2018, we have been carrying out two first projects to preserve the marine ecosystems of Matarape Bay. Refuse Plastic focuses on waste management and recycling, while Rainforest of the Sea targets threats to coral reefs.

For the preservation and rehabilitation of reefs in the heart of the coral triangle

Ocean pollution prevention and waste recycling in Sulawesi

For the protection of Giant Clams and the rich Coral Reefs of Sulawesi

Support the preservation of Konawe

Our local partners

Ecovolunteer mission in Indonesia

Naturevolution partners with local organizations to carry out its projects. On the protection of coral reefs, we work with Toli Toli Giant Clam Conservation, a marine conservation organization that has been involved locally for ten years. Regarding the Matarombeo massif, we have initiated a collaboration with the association Terrace Community. Finally, at the end of 2019, we created the structure Naturevolution Indonesia in order, as a first step, to carry the project Refuse Plastic. The recycling phase of this project exists thanks to the entrepreneur's unwavering motivation Setiawan Purnomo.

The expeditions

Evrard Wendenbaum led a first scientific expedition in 2014 to the foothills of the Matarombeo massif. We plan to conduct a new expedition within this massif thus to prepare a proposal for setting up a protected area.

First scientific expedition in the karstic massif of Matarombeo, on the island of Sulawesi
Matarombéo 2014 - Indonesia
First expedition in the karst massif of Matarombeo, on the island of Sulawesi
Presentation of the expeditionRoad book

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