The Makay comes to the Musée des Confluences

In a critical context for global biodiversity, the exhibition Makay, a refuge in Malagasy land produced by the confluence museum in Lyon and produced from scientific data as well as videos, drawings and photographs brought back from Naturevolution expeditions will honor for 10 months biological and archaeological treasures ' Makay, one of the last Mountain of the planet.

Visit the Makay as an Expedition member

Thanks to original scenographic devices that offer a visual, sound and sometimes even olfactory immersion in the surprising geological labyrinth of Makay, the visitor becomes an explorer and set off to meet this exceptional environment, alongside researchers in the field (entomologists, geologists, ornithologists, herpetologists, botanists, etc.).

He progresses in the exhibition between large panoramic images, as he would in the landscapes of canyons and forests of the Makay massif. During his visit he stops at the base camp and meets the scientific teams, he takes off to discover landscapes seen from the sky, he dives into the forest, at nightfall, surrounded by the rustling of tropical nocturnal fauna. . The sound environment as well as the large formats contribute to the feeling of immersion in another world.

Discover rare and endangered species

Le Makay, where we find 1,500 recorded species and more than a hundred new to science, is a biological treasure of our planet. This massif has become a true refuge, which today shelters relict populations of species that were once more widespread. This isolation of these populations is here in Madagascar mainly due to deforestation which caused the forests of the center of the island to disappear.

How did we get there ? To answer this question, a resource section of the exhibition will present an identity card of Madagascar: its geological history, its biological and cultural heritage of yesterday and today, as well as the threats that the island and its inhabitants must face.

The visitor's journey will be accompanied by an abundant illustration of the biological richness of Makay : films, photos, terminals, still and animated drawings, stuffed animals provide different visions of our knowledge of the biodiversity of this massif. While strolling through the exhibition, the visitor will have the opportunity to discover the emblematic lemurs of Madagascar. With 98% of lemur species threatened and 1/3 critically endangered, these animals are according to the IUCN the most endangered primates on our planet! By continuing his visit, he will also be able to immerse himself in the nightlife of Makay: bush pig, mirza, fossa will be hidden in a landscape surmounted by a blazing Milky Way.

A science to protect, an association to act

The exhibition invites the visitor at the heart of Naturevolution's scientific expeditions. Le départ de l’aventure commence sur le camp de base, où nous découvrons la vie quotidienne en expédition. Quelques mètres plus loin, une Ciné-bulle vient le surprendre. Quel outil remarquable pour filmer la diversité des écosystèmes de ce massif ! Enfin, nous arrivons sur le laboratoire à ciel ouvert qui présente les outils qu’utilisent les scientifiques sur le terrain mais également leurs premiers résultats. Les découvertes sont nombreuses et révèlent le potentiel inestimable de ce coffre-fort de biodiversité. En face, les premières peintures rupestres découvertes à Madagascar montrent la richesse culturelle de ce massif isolé. Quelles sont leurs origines ? Le visiteur découvre que dans le Makay, l’histoire de l’homme rejoint celle de la nature.

A little further on, the villagers around the massif are honored with huge portraits. It’s time to think about Man and his relationship to nature. How to protect this nature for future generations? The youtubeur Léo Grasset from DirtyBiology tries to answer this perilous question. At the same time, we discover the first responses provided by the Naturevolution association and its work of protection of Makay carried out for more than 10 years with local communities to try to preserve, together, this refuge of biodiversity. A work of Man for Nature. A man’s job for men.

Expeditions / exhibition ... they testify in video

They participated in Naturevolution expeditions : here we offer visitors some testimonials and portraits of these actors - scientists, ecovolunteers, YouTubers, illustrators - committed to the preservation of Makay and the protection of the natural environments of our planet.

Léo Grasset - A YouTuber on a scientific expedition

Sylvain Hugel - An entomologist in the Makay massif

Aurélie Calmet - An illustrator on a scientific expedition

Mendrika - An ichthyologist in the Makay massif

Marc - An ecovolunteer on a scientific expedition

Rainer Dolch - A primatologist in the Makay massif

Signatures and partners

An exhibition proposed by Naturevolution and produced by the musée des confluences, which ensured the direction of the project and designed the scenography.

  • General curator: Yoann Cormier
  • Scientific advisor: Gaëtan Deltour
  • Media and Multimedia: Narrative
  • Scenography: Gilles Munier and Damien Schahmaneche
  • Illustrations and narration: Aurélie Calmet
  • Photo credits : Evrard Wendenbaum, Jeremy Mathieu, Vincent Romera, Daniel Naudé
  • Video credits: Les Gens Biens (Arte), Naturevolution, Gédéon Programs (Canal +), La Bonne Prod, TF1, Jangal films, Velizar Simeonovski, Léo Grasset.

An exhibition supported by :

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