Scientific exploration missions

Do you want to explore the remote canyons of Makay in search of rare species? Help to map the biological and archaeological heritage of this exceptional environment? These missions are made for you!

Scientific expedition in 2017 Makay

How we work

These missions have specific scientific objectives and aim, for example, to search for unknown or rarely observed species, as well as to inventory the archaeological sites of Makay.

Examples of missions initially planned for 2020:

Hapalemur or bamboo lemur in the Makay massid in Madagascar

How is the mission?

These missions are itinerant and require a good physical condition. The camps are dismantled very regularly - on average every 2 days but potentially every day depending on the observations made and the conditions on the ground - to continue prospecting on new sites, generally remote in the massif. The ecovolunteers are guided by our forest guards as well as our ecotourism project manager, and accompanied by a team of porters.

Scientific exploration in the Makay massif

What impact for the project?

The goal of these scientific exploration missions is to improve our knowledge of the most remote sites of the massif (where we can hardly bring scientists). Thanks to them, to the number of ecovolunteers and carriers involved and to the protocols that we manage to deploy in a very short time, we bring back crucial information for the conservation of Makay.

This information complements that obtained during our citizen science missions which are carried out in more accessible regions and which implement more extensive study protocols.

These missions also allow us to continue training our eco-guards, to carry out regular surveillance of the entire Makay Protected Area but also to meet and discuss with inhabitants of villages that we rarely have the opportunity to visit. rub shoulders in our other projects.

Discovery of the Makay massif by ecovolunteers

Mission dates


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All the information relating to our ecovolunteer missions, as well as the dates and prices, can be found on the page Ecovolunteer missions in Madagascar. You will also find the pre-registration form.