Eco-volunteering in Madagascar

We offer throughout the year Missions d'Ecovolontariat to help us protect the Makay massif.

If you share our values and feel concerned about the causes we fight for, come and join us in the field ! Not only will you help protect biodiversity and provide better living conditions to remote communities, or live a moment out of time, make unforgettable encounters, observe wonderful animals and exercise yourself by exploring one of the most beautiful places on the planet, our ecovolunteer missions are made for you!

Due to the current health situation, we are forced to suspend our missions until the end of August 2021. Our projects need you all the more, so do not hesitate to discover the planning of our next missions and pre-register to participate.

Ecovolunteers in the Makay

Why come with us ?

  • Our missions allow you to discover Makay, one of the most beautiful places on the planet, accompanied by its finest connoisseurs.
  • They ensure you will be able to watch several species of lemurs.
  • They allow you to live a rare and beneficial disconnection and rejuvenation to the rhythm of nature and the songs of forest birds, an experience of intense and unforgettable life.
  • They teach you a lot about nature, about Malagasy culture, but also about the environmental and societal challenges of developing countries, as well as about the daily life of a conservation association.
  • They allow rich encounters and open the door to very strong friendships.
  • They can be part of a stage if you are a student (see more details in the FAQ).

Or because you’re fed up with living outside the law ;-) Indeed, the charter of the environment in the French Constitution declares that the environment is the common heritage of humankind and that "everyone has a duty to take part in preserving and improving [it]".

Our missions make it possible to make a "useful journey": since 2012, the ecovolunteer missions carried out by Naturevolution have made it possible to finance a large part of our conservation activities and aid to the communities of Makay.

Scientific exploration in the Makay massif

Where do we work ?

Since 2010, Naturevolution works in the Makay massif, located in the southwest of Madagascar.

Map of Makay in Madagascar and in the world

How we work

Our projects in the Makay aim at protecting on the long term the natural environment of the Makay and developing ways for local people live better and in harmony with their environment. Some projects are carried out in the heart of the massif while others take place in the surrounding villages, a few hours' walk from the Makay canyons.

We offer 3 types of ecovolunteers missions, different times of the year :

  • Solidarity and support to local development
    These missions focus on environmental awareness, education, income-generating activities such as beekeeping (hive construction) and ecotourism, the creation of vegetable gardens and nurseries, waste cleaning, etc. These missions take place in or near villages. Learn more about our solidarity missions with local development.
  • Citizen science
    These missions aim to carry out, supervised by researchers, operations to monitor or inventory the biodiversity of Makay, to assist scientists in their work, even to carry out archaeological surveys or to improve the mapping of Makay. These missions take place from a fixed base camp established in the massif. Learn more about our citizen science missions.
  • Scientific exploration
    These missions are designed to search for missing cash or rarely observed, as well as an inventory of archaeological sites in the Makay. They take place when roaming in the mountains and we also improve our knowledge of the massive remote places and to keep a watch. Learn more about our scientific exploration missions.

On all our missions, at least two thirds of your time in the field will be devoted to projects. The rest will be dedicated to discovering the still largely unexplored paradise of Makay during trekking accompanied by our specialists.

To note :

  • The definition of the actions carried out during these missions is not specified until two months before each mission: on the one hand because we adapt to the most urgent needs and the priorities of the moment, and on the other hand because it depends on the number of ecovolunteers registered.
  • Naturevolution reserves the right to modify the order and list of actions to be taken during missions, until the day of departure, in order to adapt to needs and unforeseen events.
The box built by ecovolunteers for Naturevolution in the forest of Menapanda

Because a few images are more than a long speech ...

How do we live on the ground?

  • We camp under individual tents
  • Volunteer work is done usually outdoor (or, in case of rain, which is extremely rare at this season, under large expedition tents brought by Naturevolution)
  • We eat products bought in the capital, supplemented with local products offered by the villagers (depending on the season: mangoes, bananas, tomatoes, brèdes, sheep, turkeys, chickens, etc.). Everyone can participate in the preparation of meals and the dishes,
  • We drink water from the rivers : the water comes straight out of the rocks, and we either filter it or boil it,
  • A few beers and soft drinks can be found in the villages,
  • Dry toilets and showers are set up in the forest.

This life in nature is relatively comfortable and above all a source of friendships and good laughs.

Encampment in ecovolunteers Makay

Who are the ecovolunteers?

All applicants, of any age (from 18 years old, or younger with parent/guardian consent), with any skill-set and nationality are welcome, without discrimination.

"Enthusiasm and motivation are all that matter."

No scientific background nor any diploma is required.

If you are a student, you can use your participation in our assignments as a study internship.

Some activities require a good physical condition, others call for being creative, and some ask for educational skills. Let us know your skills and your wishes and we'll do our best to offer activities that match.

The only requirements are that you are:

  • checked by a doctor before departure to ensure good physical condition
  • able to speak French or English
  • smiling and pleasant to live
Ecovolunteers and villagers Makay

How long are the missions?

We favor 3-week missions

but also offer some rare shorter missions (2 weeks). And for more fun, meetings and adventure, it is possible to stay for up to 6 weeks!

This time is considered from Paris to Paris. Your presence on Malagasy soil will be respectively 13 days to travel 2 weeks, 20 days for travel 3 weeks or even 41 days for travel 6 weeks.

Be aware also that the lavish travel between the capital Antananarivo and the steep Makay can take only four days return when we go in northern Makay seasonally dry but can last much longer because of the runway conditions and the distance of the proposed work site. We prefer of course the shortest paths for the 2-week missions.

“Almost everything was new to me. Too many positive aspects to list them all, but among others the exceptional and preserved environment of human pollution, and the learning of resourcefulness. "

Ecovolunteer testimony, avril 2019 (mission explo)

Lemurs of Makay

Mission dates

Find a description of the different types of mission in the paragraph How we work and a detailed description of the tasks on the corresponding pages: Support to local development ; Participatory science ; Scientific exploration.

Our missions are suspended for the moment due to measures related to the Covid19 epidemic. We will keep you informed of the situation on a regular basis. However, you will find all the dates for the year 2021 below. You can use the filters available to refine your search (for example, look for "August").

A noter:

  • The departures of our missions are guaranteed from 4 participants.
  • It is possible to participate in a combination of different missions and thus discover different aspects of our activities. For more information, please contact us via the form below.

Are you up for it? So Get in touch! !

The seedlings in nurseries and tree plantations are part open to eco-volunteering projects

Mission prices

Mission / Duration2 weeks3 weeks4 weeks5 weeks6 weeks
Scientific exploration3 100 €4950 €
Solidarity and Development Aid1 600 €2 200 €2 700 €3 100 €3 500 €
Participatory science1 850 €2 500 €3 100 €3 550 €4 000 €

A noter:

  • If you sign up for 2, rates are reduced by 8%, and 12% from 3 persons (except for already reduced prices).

Distribution of the trip cost

Breakdown of the price of ecovolunteer missions

Tax exemption

The full cost of your mission, including airfare, is défiscalisable up to 66% for an individual of 75% if you are subject to the IFI and 60% for companies.
All tax exemption information can be found in the ‘other questions’ section below.

Ecovolunteers crossing a flooded canyon in the Makay


Dreaming about it but broke? Think about crowdfunding!
We can assist you in your efforts to help you raise the necessary funds from those around you, your networks or organize fundraising events (craft sales, screenings, etc.).

To find out more, visit: Crowdfunding

Part of ecovolunteer stay will be dedicated to the discovery of the Makay

Other questions

Ecovolunteer in the Makay

Are you interested in going on an ecovolunteer mission with us?

If you wish to participate in one of our ecovolunteer missions, or if you have any questions before deciding, please complete the pre-registration form below. We will then get back to you as soon as possible to explain the usual progress of our missions, give you the procedure to follow before leaving, present you the details concerning the actions we are carrying out in the field, and answer your questions.

  • En cliquant sur "Envoyer", vous acceptez que les informations recueillies dans ce formulaire soient transmises à Naturevolution. Vos données personnelles collectées dans ce formulaire resteront strictement confidentielles. Elles ne seront utilisées qu'afin de prendre contact avec vous et d'entamer une démarche de pré-inscription pour une mission écovolontaire. Conformément à notre privacy policy, they will not be sold, exchanged or passed on to a third party.

    Si vous validez le champ "Recevoir la lettre d'information de Naturevolution" vous acceptez de recevoir des communications de la part de Naturevolution via les coordonnées collectées dans le formulaire. L’exercice de vos droits, dont la désinscription et la suppression des données vous concernant est possible à tout moment.

Your interlocutor

Tojo Rabefaritra
Responsible for ecovolunteer missions