Install Lilo in 3 minutes

Use Lilo to help Naturevolution!
The Lilo search engine donates 50% of advertising revenue to the association of your choice. So you can help for free Naturevolution on a daily basis. Lilo uses results from Google, Bing and Yahoo, but with respect for your privacy.

Comment installer Lilo ? Here is the step by step method to install Lilo in Chrome browser. The method is the same for Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer, the links will redirect you to the right place. On smartphone, the page will redirect you to the corresponding app.

1. Install the Lilo plugin

Install Lilo to help Naturevolution

Go to and click on ‘Add to Chrome‘ :

Installer Lilo

You are redirected to the Chrome plugin platform. Click on ‘Add to Chrome’:

Installer Lilo

Validate the pop-up that opens:

Installer Lilo

Lilo is installed, But it is not finished ! Now tell her that you want to support Naturevolution.

2. Configure Lilo to support Naturevolution

Go back to It is imperative to use this link because Naturevolution is not yet public public project ’on Lilo and will therefore not appear in the search results on the projects page.

Install Lilo to help Naturevolution

Get off at Give your water drops and activate the option:

Install Lilo to help Naturevolution

The option switches to On and that's all good!

Use Lilo and help Naturevolution

You can now use Lilo directly by typing a search in the address bar or by going to Thank you !

3. And on a smartphone?

There are two ways to use Lilo on a smartphone:

  • The easiest is to use the Lilo browser to surf the internet instead of your usual browser. You can download the Lilo app sur Google Play and on the App Store.
  • If you don't want to change your mobile browser, you can add Lilo in the search engines available on your browser (if this one allows this option). Start by going on using your regular mobile browser, and do a search. The browser will offer to add this search engine (for Firefox, a long click in the search bar brings up the option, as below).
Install Lilo on smartphone

In both cases, don't forget to configure Lilo to automatically give your drops to Naturevolution by visiting our page on Lilo: