Sponsor us

Become a sponsor of Naturevolution and turn your company into an ambassador of a world respectful of men and nature.

Why support us ?

  • Unite and rally your teams around strong values
  • Associate the image of your company to a concrete project useful for men and nature
  • Push forward the CSR (Corporate Social Responsabiility) and sustainable development strategy of your company
  • Display your commitment on your communication
  • Benefit from tax exemption up to 60 % of the amount of your donation**.

* In the limit of 0.5% of net sales. Exceeding amounts can be reported on the following years.
This tax exemption is made possible by our partner Projets plus Actions, international solidarity association acting in support to local initiatives through the funding of projects. To know more, get in touch with us via our contact form

How you can help

  • Financial sponsorship : You support with donations all our actions or a specific project of the association.
  • Sponsorship in kind : You transfer physical equipment or property to the association
  • Skills support : You temporarily put to our service your volunteer employee (e.g. graphic designer, accountant, webmaster, etc.)

Contact :
To discuss possibilities, get in touch with us via our contact form


The hot air balloon gently flies over the landscapes of the Makay massif in Madagascar