With Lilo, help us for free !

Every year each of us relates to the € 30 search engines, through advertising. The good news is that using the responsible engine LiloThis money goes to social and environmental projects of your choice!

And as good news never comes alone, know that our project was selected by Lilo. So you can help us free using Lilo for your daily searches! Knowing that 300 to 500 searches generate about 1 €, the amount collected can rise very quickly and this can have a significant impact on our ability to act for the protection of nature.

The Lost Worlds project Naturevolution on Lilo

Cherry on the cake, Lilo provides the same excellent results that most major search engines because it uses the same algorithms and better yet, We do not collect your personal data and acts to your privacy on the Internet.

While browsing Useful try Lilo! To do this, nothing simpler :

  1. Visit this page to install the Lilo search engine in your browser.
  2. Important : retournez ensuite sur la page de Naturevolution sur Lilo et cochez l’option ‘donner automatiquement mes gouttes à Naturevolution’
  3. Utilisez Lilo au quotidien !

Retrouvez également ici un tutoriel pour l’installation de Lilo.

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