Over water

Descente de la Rivière in Alpackaraft Makay, Madagascar

Atout majeur dans un terrain accidenté comme celui du Makay, l’Alpackaraft an effective alternative to advance funds canyons dug by small streams.

Venture into the maze of Makay can sometimes be difficult or even dangerous.

Emptied of its air, small boat rolls in a bag and therefore can take anywhere since it weighs only 3 kg.

Peut-être aurez-vous la sensation de visiter les entrailles de la Terre…

An adventure which some members of expeditions Makay Nature tasted.

And you?

Le site d’Alpackaraft a mis en ligne une gallerie photo (2017: lien indisponible) illustrant leurs petits bateaux dans le Makay.

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  1. Hi Evard,

    thanks for getting back. Let us know, when the film is finally out. I am eager to see :) Any Trailer would be great. I am happy to advert this on our site. If people have questions about packrafts and packrafting in gerneral, you can refer them to us too.


    Ps Shame About did not we connect Earlier, I am into the sports for longer than 2 years.

    • Dear Sven,
      Thanks for your message. Two years ago, when i discovered the alpackaraft, i looked too for other packrafters in Europe but i found nothing. Now i realize thanks to you that there is a community. Great !
      As for your question, i unfortunately don’t know any more people practicing Packrafting but I hope this will change soon. Actually, i think a lot of Europeans will get interested soon since we are currently editing a 3D documentary about our last scientific expeditions in which were involved a lot of alpackarafts. The film will be broadcasted all over Europe within the next year.

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